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Jennifer Ratcliff Headshot

Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff, Chair

Associate Professor, Psychology

Office: 137 Holmes Hall
Phone: (585) 395-2685







Welcome to the President’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (PCDI). My name is Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff, Chairperson of the PCDI and Associate Professor of Psychology. I view the role of the PCDI and its members to be multifaceted. We are a diverse group of individuals representing all divisions and schools at the College at Brockport to provide advice, advocacy, education, and assessment to college leadership and the community. Our primary mission is to achieve the College’s goals pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  At the College at Brockport, we affirm that diversity and inclusion are the responsibility of every member of our community. Thus, during the 2017-2018 academic year, we will focus on increasing accountability for administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, we plan to work toward the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff to better support, and retain our increasingly diverse student body.

My personal experiences and educational background provide the basis for my belief that both situational and contextual factors play a critical role in constraining or promoting educational access and success. Our role is to identify these factors and to work toward ensuring that the environment at the College at Brockport welcomes and supports diversity in representation, thought, and expression, thereby providing an enriching and inclusive environment for all who teach, learn, and work here. These experiences can be transformative for members of our community with privileged identities, while creating a more inclusive environment for members of the community with marginalized identities.

I welcome you to speak with myself or your representative on the President’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion about your ideas or concerns related to making the College at Brockport an inclusive, supportive, and diverse community.

Committee Members

Dr. Sharon Lubkemann AllenDr. Sharon Lubkemann Allen

Associate Professor, English
Office: 246 Liberal Arts Building
Phone: (585) 395-5828

Dr. Cephas ArchieDr. Cephas Archie

Chief Diversity Officer, Office of the President
Office: 620 Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-5065

Dr. Jennifer AshtonDr. Jennifer Ashton

Associate Professor, Education and Human Development
Office: 208 Brown Building
Phone: (585) 395-5546

John BenicascoRev. John Benicasco

Undergraduate Student, Psychology

Ms. Denine CarrDenine Carr

Title IX and College Compliance Officer
Office: 624 Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-5066







Mrs. Nicole DumbletonNicole Dumbleton

Associate Director Annual Giving, Development Office
Office: 307 Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-5880

Claire GovertsMs. Claire Goverts

Assistant Director, Institutional Research and Analysis
Office: 215D Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-5956

Dr. Sara KellyDr. Sarah Kelly

Director, Residential Life and Learning Communities
Office: 124 Thompson Hall
Phone: (585) 395-2369







Nick KirsopNick Kirsop

Graduate Student, Counselor Education








Mr. Francis Kuhn

Professor, Theatre & Music
Office: 141B Hartwell Hall
Phone: (585) 395-5258

Leslie LocketzMs. Leslie Locketz

Assistant Professor and Chair, Educational Opportunity Center
Office: 319F Hartwell Hall
Phone: (585) 327-4097

Dr. Karen LogsdonDr. Karen Logsdon

Assistant to the Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
Office: 622 Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-5042






Dr. John MarahDr. John Marah

Professor, African & African American Studies
Office: 201A Hartwell Hall
Phone: (585) 395-5571







Heather PackerMs. Heather Packer

Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer, and Program Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Office: 621 Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-5014

Ms. Julie Pruss

Assistant to the President, Office of the President
Office: 718 Allen Administration Building
Phone: (585) 395-2361

Dr. Meredith Roman

Associate Professor, History
Office: 311 Liberal Arts Building
Phone: (585) 395-2010

Dr. Amaury Samalot-RiveraDr. Amaury Samalot-Rivera

Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport Studies & PE
Office: B330 Tuttle North
Phone: (585) 395-5252








Dr. Tasneem ZaihraDr. Tasneem Zaihra

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Office: 130A Brown Building
Phone: (585) 395-2075



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