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The Promoting Excellence in Diversity Grant (PED) is administered by the Diversity Committee.

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The purpose of this grant is to support proposals from faculty, staff and students for scholarly and artistic events that will have an impact on our mission, curriculum, faculty and staff development, students and the teaching and learning environment. PED Grants support events that provide intellectual activities that will engage our community in conversations about diversity issues, prepare our students for leadership in a diverse world, and increase respect and understanding for differences based on knowledge and shared experiences. Furthermore, all PED grant proposals must include one or more goals of The College at Brockport, 2016 - 2021 Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Please provide in the PED application how the program meets the EDI Strategic Plan for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goals.

2016 - 2021 Strategic Plan Goals for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Goal 1:

Multi-Year: Achieve a balance of representation in faculty and staff in line with student population, and national, state, and regional demographics; and maintain a commitment to retention and promotion of minority and underrepresented faculty and staff.

Goal 2:

Multi-Year: Achieve a balance of representation in student body population in line with state demographics; and maintain a commitment to retention, completion, and academic success of minority and underrepresented students.

Goal 3:

Multi-Year: Ensure that curriculum, programming, and/or trainings educate all incoming students, faculty, and staff and are available to current students, faculty, and staff in issues of social equity and the ability to speak to each other across differences as part of the College's commitment to inclusive community, diverse engagement, academic excellence, and self-transformation.

Goal 4:

Multi-Year: Continue to build and maintain and inclusive and positive campus climate for every member in which to foster internal and external community building on the campus, local, regional, and international levels in which diversity is valued and inclusion and equity are shared imperatives.

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The maximum award through this program is $1,500. Smaller requests are encouraged.

Apply for the Grant

You may Apply for a PED Grant through our electronic application system. (Complete instructions are on the form.) All PED grant applications must be approved by your Department Chair, Supervisor or Director prior to being reviewed by the PED grant committee.


  • August, 20, 2018
  • September 23, 2018
  • October 28, 2018
  • February 17, 2019
  • April 7, 2019

Post Event Evaluation

After your event/activity, please complete our online Post Event Evaluation.

Past PED Grant Recipients

View the list of past recipients of the PED Grant.

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