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Culturally Inclusive Communities All Year Long

Brockport is committed to being a Great College at which to Learn and Work, recognizing the many culturally diverse communities and traditions reflected throughout our institution. Valuing the experiences of all, we are dedicated to the pursuit of inclusive excellence - investing in meaningful engagement opportunities across all academic, social and cultural identities.

We recognize that a celebratory learning and work environment - particularly during culturally significant dates and holidays - is important in commemorating our heritages, belief systems and long-withstanding traditions. Maintaining an inclusive mindset, College community members are encouraged to create space for all cultures to be celebrated and recognized. All year long, we encourage embracing a culturally inclusive approach to furnishing and decorating our work and learning environments.

We understand that our own individual cultural beliefs (or non-beliefs) and values are not compromised in recognizing those of others. Our community’s foundation is strengthened by efforts to intentionally learn about and understand others, Building a Better Brockport, Together! In support of this goal, The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (OEDI), in conjunction with the President’s Council on Diversity & Inclusion (PCDI), offers the following suggestions for ensuring an inclusive, collaborative and respectful multicultural climate all year long. These suggestions are not offered as rules, but as a starting point for effective cross-cultural engagement.

Suggestions for supporting inclusive learning and work environments (Holiday Season Focus):

  1. Before scheduling meetings and special events, review the Interfaith Calendar in consideration of culturally significant dates and holiday observances.
  2. Consider religious dietary accommodations/needs when planning celebratory events, inviting colleagues to share their cultural culinary customs with others.
  3. Create unique opportunities for members of varying cultural groups (faith affiliated and non-affiliated) to share their cultural traditions, facilitating an environment of learning about others, from others.
  4. Review and learn of specific holiday appropriate cultural greetings, honoring cultural groups sharing dates and times of the year.
  5. Include decorations – particularly involving holidays - from all the cultural traditions represented in your department, being cautious to respect the position of those choosing not to openly share theirs. As it is important to invite all to participate, it is in dignity that we also support those who choose not to.

For additional advice on keeping decorations inclusive please contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Last Updated 5/6/19

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