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The College at Brockport affirms a campus population with a diverse range of citizenship statuses, including, but not limited to, some of the following:

  • alien
  • dependent
  • DREAMer
  • foreign student
  • illegal alien
  • immigrant
  • immediate relative
  • international student
  • legalized alien
  • lottery admission
  • migrant
  • naturalized citizen
  • nonimmigrant
  • permanent resident
  • refugee
  • resident alien
  • temporary worker

General Information and Terminology

Resources for Students

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities supports The College at Brockport's mission by developing safe, inclusive and vibrant communities that value academic excellence and overall student development. Through collaboration and unique relationships with students, our staff provides an appropriate balance of challenge and support, community development and a purposeful residential curriculum with holistic student education at its core.

Brockport offers gender neutral housing in the Townhomes; conduct programs in collaboration with Prevention and Outreach Services to teach inclusive behaviors, as well as other sporadic initiatives for residents; all RAs and RDs are Safe Zone certified; staff are trained the increase the tools they have to support all students and help other students be accepting and inviting of differences.

Residential and Campus Life

Residential Life Facebook Page


International Student Orientation

Orientation App

Student Groups and Events

International Student Organization (ISO)

Student Services

International Student Services

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Area Resources

Rochester Area Resources

Rochester Area Community Groups and Activities

New York Area USCIS Offices

National Support and Resources


Last Updated 5/13/19

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