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The College at Brockport affirms a campus population with a diverse background.

General Information and Terminology

  • Department of Defense Dictionary of Military terms
  • Rank Insignia of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Holidays and Observances
    • National Vietnam War Veterans Day: March 29th
    • Memorial Day: last Monday of May
    • D-Day: June 6th
    • U.S. Army Birthday: June 14th
    • National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day: July 27th
    • U.S. Coast Guard Birthday: August 4th
    • Purple Heart Day: August 7th
    • U.S. Air Force Birthday: September 18th
    • Gold Star Mother’s Day: last Sunday in September
    • U.S. Navy Birthday: October 13th
    • U.S. Marine Corps Birthday: November 10th
    • Veterans Day: November 11th
    • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: December 7th
    • U.S. National Guard Birthday: December 13th

Veterans Day

Community Spotlight

The College at Brockport has worked on expanding its initiative towards diversity across campus. Below is a distinguished community member who was featured by our student run television station, Talon Television.

Joe Bellanca

Common Dos and Don’ts when Discussing Culture with Veterans


  • Do treat all people with respect, dignity, and courtesy
  • Do actively try to listen more than you speak
  • Do put in time to learn about a Veteran's service to their country
  • Do make a conscious effort to educate a Veteran on something they do not understand
  • Do recognize the struggles of other people, regardless of your comfort level with the situation
  • Do provide a supportive channel for them to be demonstrative of their thoughts
  • Do put effort into breaking down the specifics of a controversial situation
  • Do recognize everyone's uniqueness
  • Do ask non-specific questions, such as "what was your experience like?"
  • Do bear in mind that recently returned veterans may prefer to be greeted with "welcome home" as opposed to "thank you for your service"
  • Do encourage social involvement through religious organizations, hobby groups, exercise clubs, social groups and social networking


  • Don’t make the focus of the conversation about yourself
  • Don’t assume that you having not encountered a situation is evidence of its nonexistence
  • Don’t generalize all Veterans under one branch of the military
  • Don’t try to force your personal preference for working/interacting on another person
  • Don’t give off the message that the person you are speaking with is exaggerating their experience as a Veteran
  • Don’t imply that you have the same exact feeling as them in regards to their service
  • Don’t put emphasis on stereotypes throughout your conversation
  • Don’t assert ideas outside of your level of experience
  • Don't ask Veterans if they have ever killed anyone or how many people they have killed
  • Don't inquire about specifics related to combat operations
  • Don't tell Veterans that they are “lucky it wasn’t worse” or that they are “lucky they survived”
  • Don’t treat competency about Veterans as a fad

Resources for Students

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities supports the College at Brockport's mission by developing safe, inclusive and vibrant communities that value academic excellence and overall student development. Through collaboration and unique relationships with students, our staff provides an appropriate balance of challenge and support, community development and a purposeful residential curriculum with holistic student education at its core.

Brockport offers gender neutral housing in the Townhomes; conduct programs in collaboration with Prevention and Outreach Services to teach inclusive behaviors, as well as other sporadic initiatives for residents; all RAs and RDs are Safe Zone certified; staff are trained the increase the tools they have to support all students and help other students be accepting and inviting of differences.

Residential and Campus Life


Student Groups and Events

Military Commissioning

Department Information

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Area Resources

On-campus Resources

Name Services Contact Location
Brandon Nunnery USMC Veteran Admission Specialist
Rakov Admissions
Tonia Risse Financial Aid Veteran Specialist
Rakov 110
Financial Aid
Erin Rickman Transfer Specialist
Brown 164
Sharon Bell-Render MSEd, LMHC Counselor
Hazen Care Center Counseling Center
Parking & Transportation Services Parking Pass Veteran Rate
Welcome Center
Student Learning Center Academic Support with
Writing, Content, and Math
Brown 181, 183, 187
Career Services Transfer Credit for
Military Trainings
Rakov 101
Student Accessibility Services Assist students with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities
Brown 168

Last Updated 8/19/19

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