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2015 Monitoring Report Update

November 30, 2015

On Monday, November 23, President Macpherson received a letter from the Middle States Commission accepting our Monitoring report, acknowledging the on-campus visit of a Middle States team earlier this fall, and most importantly, saying that they were requesting our regularly scheduled Periodic Review Report on June 1, 2017, rather than a follow up report next fall (2016). In the 2017 report the Commission wants to see further documentation of our organized and sustained assessment efforts.

What this positive decision means is that the hard work the campus did over this past year and a half, the documentation that went into the report and the enthusiastic and articulate reception given to the team members very successfully conveyed the strengths of our assessment efforts and systems across all aspects of the campus.

Thank you to the entire campus community for your willingness to continue this important work of reflecting systematically on all we do, both so we can improve and so we can meet the standards of our accreditation agency.

Congratulations to the entire campus!

Any questions regarding the Follow-Up Visit Team Report or the Statement of Accreditation Status should be sent to either Dr. Katy Heyning or Ms. Frances Dearing.

Read the Follow-Up Visit Team Report

Read the Statement of Accreditation Status

2015 Monitoring Report Update

September 8, 2015

On September 1, 2015 the College submitted the required Monitoring Report to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Report was the culmination of more than a year of hard work and collaborative efforts by many faculty and staff representing almost every academic and administrative area across the campus. Some of the highlights from the Report are:

  • Organizational changes to better sustain the Institutional Assessment System, including creating and staffing the Office of Accountability and Assessment; created and filled new position: Director of Assessment.
  • Assessment of high impact practices by committees/task forces resulted in increased funding to support such practices;
  • Information from several task force reports contributed to a plan for developing an Academic Success Center;
  • Introduced a comprehensive quality and improvement assessment process: Periodic Administrative Unit Assessment for administrative and educational support units;
  • Restructured General Education Administration with four distinct tasks: ensuring access, fidelity, assessment, and innovation;
  • Created the General Education Assessment Committee to develop new assessment plan, tools, and sources;
  • Increased resource allocations to support general education assessment;
  • Continued resource allocations for programmatic and general education “closing the loop” activities 2015-2016;
  • Continued progress on Strategic Plan goals and using the assessment results to inform budget and resource allocation decisions.

The entire College community is to be commended for their dedication to this process and the College’s promise to continue to make student learning our highest priority.

These actions and plans will continue to strengthen and build a stronger foundation for assessment at all levels at the College. The College is committed and prepared to support these efforts to keep assessment at the forefront and as an integral part of academic and administrative decision making. This vision will support the College’s mission and ensure that the success of our students remains the highest priority.

Any questions regarding the Monitoring Report should be sent to either Dr. Katy Heyning or Ms. Frances Dearing.

Read the Final Monitoring Report

Monitoring Report Committee Members

  • Leah Barrett
  • Frances Dearing
  • Michael Fox
  • Eric Kaldor
  • Darby Knox
  • Jeff Lashbrook
  • Karen Riotto
  • Mary Ellen Zuckerman

Monitoring Report Support Group Members

  • Dody Ballard
  • Frances Dearing
  • Michael Fox
  • Vanessa Wais
  • Ken Wierzbowski

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