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2019-2022 Self-Study Timetable

Below is a draft of the timetable for the 2019-2022 Academic Year Self-Study. This timetable is subject to change.



  • Preliminary Planning Group meets to begin discussion of themes, plan working group membership


  • Brockport Representatives attend Self-Study Institute Philadelphia

November — December

  • Finalize Self-Study teams and invite: Steering Committee, Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Working Groups
  • Self-Study Design draft (Communication Plan; Evidence Inventory)
  • January 2020 Planning (Kickoff meeting; AA meetings; Chairs/Vice-Chair orientation
  • Draft Charges for Working Groups
  • Contact Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) for Spring Visit dates liaison
  • MSCHE Website Development
  • Leadership Team attends MSCHE Annual Conference



  • Chair/Vice-Chair Orientation/charges (January 14)
  • Kickoff Leadership Retreat (January 16)
  • AA Retreat (January 17)
  • Steering Committee holds first meeting

February — March

  • Chairs/Vice-Chairs orient working group
  • Prepare Self-Study Design and Evidence Inventory Framework
  • Share with Steering Committee for feedback


  • Self-Study Design and Evidence Inventory share with MSCHE Self-Study Design and Evidence Inventory share with MSCHE
  • Telephone Call with Dr. Sean McKitrick from MSCHE (March 16)
  • Invite campus community members (faculty, staff, students) to meet Dr. McKitrick, MSCHE Liaison

April (late)

  • Dr. McKitrick provides official guidance for revision of the Self-Study Design document and other matters of the Self-Study Process

June — July

  • Self-Study Design document revised
  • Development of Evidence Inventory continues
  • Requests to add items to Evidence Inventory (handled via one group)
  • Working Group Chairs preparation for Standards and Compliance Chapters


  • Steering Committee meet to review revised Design Document and discuss details of the Self-Study process for the next 18 months

August — September

  • Development of Evidence Inventory continues
  • Compliance Documentation begins

September — October

  • Working Groups
    • Hold organizational meetings
    • Review charges
    • Identify information required for the review and assessment of the standard and Requirements of affiliation
    • Review draft of Evidence Inventory
    • Identify, provide and request, documents, data and information needed to support key analyses

Fall 2020

  • College Open Forum
  • Working Groups continue to write, analyze, and revise new data and information as needed
  • Working Groups share progress with Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee discuss Working Group Progress
  • Evidence Inventory revised
  • Collection of compliance reporting documents continues

December 2020

  • First drafts of Working Group Reports shared with Steering Committee



  • Steering Committee provides feedback to Working Group Co-Chairs on preliminary reports
  • College community feedback requested for Working Group draft reports

Spring 2021

  • Steering Committee presents findings of Self-Study and collects community comments at open meetings (town hall meetings, College Senate, and faculty meetings)
  • Steering Committee presents findings of Self-Study to College Council for feedback
  • Presentations at College senate meetings; BSG and COSAC
  • Open Forum for the entire college


  • Final Working Group reports due to the Steering Committee

March — April

  • Evidence Inventory Finalized

April — September

  • Self-Study draft disseminated to college community for in-person and electronic feedback

May — August

  • Next version of Self-Study report completed
  • Leadership Team reports to College Council based on Working Group; Steering Committee identifies any new data collection required
  • IRA staff prepares new data collections
  • Steering Committee provides feedback to Working Group by mid-August

August — September

  • MSCHE selects Evaluation Team Chair, in consultation with Brockport leadership

September — November

  • First draft of Compliance Report completed
  • Self-Study Report draft and Compliance Report draft sent to Team Chair (two weeks before Team Chair campus visit)
  • Team Chair campus visit


  • Self-Study Report finalized based on Team Chair's feedback and shared with campus



  • Final Self-Study (Compliance Report) and approved by the College Council
  • Final Self-Study Report uploaded to MSCHE portal for Team access


  • Brockport finalizes arrangements for Evaluation Team visit

March — April

  • Evaluation Team conducts site visit
  • College receives Team Report
  • Steering Committee prepares Institutional Response/College uploads response to MSCHE Portal

June — November

  • Middle States Commission meets to determine action

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