Shared Governance

Our Shared Governance bodies include College Senate, Brockport Student Government (BSG), College Council, and College Administration. Working together, we are able to most effectively and sustainably implement the priorities of the College.

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Signing of Shared Governance

Statement on Shared Governance

Constitution of Committees

College-Wide Committees

Shared Governance Charge

The purpose of the group is to establish a definition of shared governance that is workable for our College, inclusive of Brockport Student Government and College Senate, and that sets us on the path of shared understanding of our roles and responsibilities in relation to shared governance. 

Our Spring charge is as follows:

  1. Continue to gather and review research on best practices in shared governance
  2. Continue to gather and review current College documents on shared governance
  3. Draft a Statement of Shared Principles and Definitions

While we had originally intended to administer a survey to determine current understandings of shared governance, we have decided to postpone this for now, because we’d like to establish a baseline of information for our constituencies, and then once we’ve established this, ask them to assess how well we are doing; we also think our group would benefit from our new provost’s perspective when she joins the College.

Our larger charge (which will likely extend beyond the Spring Semester) will include the following:

  1. Identify best practices for appointments to College-wide committees, task forces and working group, for implementation as widely as possible across the campus
  2. Propose a formal policy for forming committees
  3. Create an online repository of information
  4. Establish clear processes to ensure transparency and communication between areas that comprise shared governance, including ongoing education for all regarding the roles and responsibilities of students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Shared Governance Task Force

Member Role
Dr. Heidi Macpherson (Chair) President
Dr. Sharon Allen Past College Senate President
Ms. Devin Bonner Past BSG President
Ms. Katelynn Demskie BSG Vice-President, Presidential Intern
Ms. Nancy Ensman Secretary
Dr. Katy Heyning Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Mr. Joshua Mathews BSG President
Dr. Ken O'Brien Past University Faculty Senator
Past College Senate President
Dr. Kathleen Peterson Current College Senate President
Ms. P. Trish Ralph Current University Faculty Senator
Past College Senate President

Last Updated 10/27/20

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