T. Roz Llewellyn '12

T. Roz Llewellyn '12

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The Leader

BS in Finance

“To whom much is given is much required" - Luke 12:48

For Roz Llewellyn, this simple quote reflects how she was given opportunity by her teachers and used it to prove to them that she was exactly the leader they thought she could be. Roz shines with passion for helping people and leading social change.

A finance major, Roz doesn’t look towards a career on Wall Street, simply making money and investing that of others. What makes her happy is helping people. She realized she wanted to work as a financial advisor and help low- to moderate-income groups attain financial stability because of her need to take care of her family’s own finances.

Born in New York City, Roz attended a fine arts school, majoring in Flute. Her dream was to study music and become the conductor for the New York Philharmonic, writing symphonies and playing flute professionally. But one teacher didn’t have the amount of faith in her that her Brockport professors did. When she became discouraged to music, Roz turned to Finance in the hopes of having stability and being able to take care of her family.

Although she applied to several private schools, she chose SUNY Brockport over the others because she “felt a strong vibe.” She says the small-town feeling was different but welcoming. One of the things that most excited her about Brockport was the Delta College Program. Another was her interaction with James Georger, the first person from Brockport that Roz spoke with, is whom she attributes her coming here.

“My experience at Brockport helped me grow both professionally and personally.”

Roz has been extremely involved in classes and organizations. Her co- and extra-curricular activities vary from being the co-chair of Greek Standards Boards for Alpha Phi Omega, to the founder and president of the Fencing Club, to the flute section chair for the Brockport Pep Band. Her other activities include serving as vice president of the Finance Club, CSTEP, the McNair program, the Honors Program, and the Council of Students (Business Program). Her past involvement includes acting as the secretary of Tae Kwon Do Club, vice president of Capoeira Club, and the Delta College Program. Along with being a student leader in almost every organization she is or has been involved in, she was also a resident assistant for McLean Hall and Harmon Hall.

One of the most rewarding experiences at The College at Brockport is the Study Abroad Program, which is among one of the reasons Roz chose our school. In spring 2011, she studied at Peking University in Beijing, China, on top of completing a part-time internship at International Data Corporation.

Her professors here are the reason why she has reached so high to get where she is today. “I have had a lot of support from the faculty and staff at Brockport, but I couldn’t name just one person.” The three people Roz looks up to the most are James Georger of the Delta College Program, Barbara Thompson and Herma Volpe-van Dijk, both coordinators of the McNair and CSTEP programs. These individuals are like parents to Roz, never failing in helping her see her potential and supporting her towards her goals and dreams. She attributes their commitment and faith to her becoming a better person and scholar.

“Brockport offered me the chance to see who I am and where I wanted to be, and gave me the tools and the confidence to get there.”

Outside of Brockport, Roz participated in the Harvard Business School Summer Venture in Management Program during the summer of 2011, where she learned business comprehensively through several classes at Harvard University, using their case study method of learning. This selective opportunity was awarded to Roz as well as several other students from across the country. This program made her realize she wanted to focus on helping the whole world instead of only contributing to her family. She has attended a number of other scholarly conferences with help through the School of Business Administration and Economics, and the McNair and CSTEP programs.

Her plans after Brockport are to earn her MBA and start her own business, which will enable her to reach those in need of financial guidance. Leaving Brockport will be difficult for Roz, having to leave behind the people who guided her, supported her, and were committed to her future.

When asked what the one thing is that she will remember about SUNY Brockport in 20 years, Roz simply answered, “the squirrels.” And after a full minute of laughter, she more seriously confided that she would remember, “The amount of support and confidence that the faculty and staff had in me; the teachers investing in the students and going the extra mile.”

 “There’s more to being a scholar than just getting the questions right. There’s more to being a leader than just getting the job done.”

Last Updated 4/19/22