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Faculty Scholarship Account (FSA)

Each full-time faculty receives $1,000 annually. Managed by the each faculty’s School Dean’s office, these funds reimburse eligible expenses associated with scholarly and creative activities of the sort the faculty’s department APT document values towards promotion and tenure. 


All full-time faculty- tenure-track, tenured, and renewable lecturer. 


Full-time, tenure track, and tenured faculty will receive an allotment of $1,000 for each fiscal year for the purposes listed below. The Dean's Office will track expenditures for each faculty member. $1,000 annual deposit will be added July 1, no more than $2,000 will exist in the account at any time. If funds are not used by year two (end of fiscal year), the previous year’s remaining funds are eliminated. No more than $1,000 will be rolled over each year. Any funds over that amount will be eliminated. For example, by the end of the fiscal year only $1,000 of a $1,500 balance will be rolled over to the next year for a total available balance of $2,000.

Eligible Expenses

FSA reimburses approved expenses associated with a wide range of scholarly/creative activities, such as:

  • Travel to present or attend a conference or workshop, do an artistic performance, or conduct research.
  • Purchases of lab or studio supplies, research documents, data, or software, or shipment of artwork to an exhibit.
  • Other academic uses deemed appropriate by your School Dean.

Ineligible Expenses

Professional membership or certification fees, journal subscriptions, curriculum development costs, course tuition, computer equipment and technology available through other campus sources, books and print publications available through library/interlibrary loan.

Accessing Funds

Contact your department secretary before incurring expenses to: (a) be sure activities are eligible; (b) complete the necessary State forms; and (c) complete the Faculty Scholarship Account Pre-approval/Reimbursement Form  The completed forms with appropriate documentation should then be forwarded to your School Dean’s Office for approval.

FSA Pre-approval/Reimbursement Form and Instructions for Processing

Follow the instructions provided carefully. A separate form is required for each transaction. Incomplete/incorrect forms will be returned. Should you have questions, consult your School Dean's Office. 

FSA Form


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