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Leadership Guiding Principles:

  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion needs to be threaded throughout all of our decision-making and actions as divisional leaders.
  • Leading by example and setting expectations is part of our job, and in turn, the job of our sub-leaders.
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion is not something "external" that is "done" to people on campus. It is something internal - a light that guides all of us.
  • There are resources to assist us, but we need to do the work. It isn’t about more training nor is it the job of the CDO or HR. It is about our leading change.
  • We need to discuss, honor, and understand that this work is a heavy lift, yet we will be stronger for doing this.

To be a Great College at Which to Learn Divisional Goal 1

Create and maintain academic programs that foster intellectual growth and sustain student interest in a welcoming environment and utilize support services and assessment protocols to strengthen student success.

To be a College Engaged with its Community Divisional Goal 2

Increase the depth and breadth of partnerships and enhance outreach to support a deeper level of engagement with the community.

To be a Sustainable Institution for the 21st Century Divisional Goal 3

Continue to develop and maintain high quality programs that meet student demand and maintain currency in the labor market by revisiting the academic program array question and draw from several other recent initiatives, including the academic master plan.

To be a Great College at Which to Work Divisional Goal 4

Create a supportive work environment that helps faculty and staff attain their career goals andopportunities for intra and inter-divisional interaction.

Last Updated 8/9/21