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This is where you can get an answer to a question about the GPA calculator. Many common questions are answered and links to specific topics are here.

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What is a GPA?

Your Grade Point Average is a weighted average that represents your overall performance at SUNY Brockport. It is a number between 0 and 4, with 4 being the highest performance.

What are my cumulative credits?

For figuring a GPA, your cumulative credits are all the credits you have received from SUNY Brockport.

I'm typing in something that is definitely correct but the GPA calculator doesn't work.

Sometimes students will type in grades that SUNY Brockport does not issue. Check to see if your grades are acceptable by the GPA calculator.

What's a course?

A course appears on your schedule. Each course has a name. For example, BIO 101 or CSC 486 are courses offered at SUNY Brockport.

What does this column do?

Use this column to type in the name of your courses.

What's the text box for?

Each text box found in the column labeled Course is a place where you can label the classes you are entering grades for. It is for your use. If you prefer, you don't have to type anything in the box.

What's a grade?

A grade is usually a letter that is symbolic of your performance in a course. Commonly, SUNY Brockport will issue you a letter grade. Letters appearing at the beginning of the alphabet represent the best performance.

What does this column do?

The Grade column is where you give your grades to the GPA calculator. Type them in the text box next to the course name.

What grades can I use?

It depends on how your course is evaluated. Many courses are evaluated on a letter grade system. The grades SUNY Brockport will issue you for courses using this system are A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E.

What is an E doing there?

A grade of "E" is a failing grade. SUNY Brockport will issue you an "E" for a course you have failed.

What happened to F?

SUNY Brockport will not issue a grade of "F." For failed courses a grade of "E" is used.

Where is the A+?

SUNY Brockport's highest letter grade is an "A." "A+" is not used.

What if my course is evaluted on a pass/fail basis?

These credits are not included in your GPA. If you enter them, the GPA calculator will not give you an error.

I withdrew from a course. What do I do now?

A grade of "W" can be entered into the GPA calculator. What happens is this course is ignored, and your GPA is calculated for all of your other courses as if you never registered for the course.

I repeated a course. How do I calculate this?

Click here for information about repeated courses, and how to calculate your GPA in these situations.

What happens if I receive an "I" for a course?

A grade of "I" means that your course instructor has not issued you a grade, usually because a big requirement of your course is missing. A grade of "I" is not considered in your GPA calculation. Your GPA will reflect all of your other courses.

What are credits?

Credits are used to measure the weight of a course when calculated in your GPA. The more credits a course has, the more it will have an effect on your GPA.

What does this column do?

Use the Credits column to tell the GPA calculator how many credits each of your courses have.

My course has no credits. Now what?

A course with zero credits will have no effect on your GPA. The GPA calculator will still accept courses with zero credits. Just type "0" in the box where the GPA calculator asks for them.

What do I enter for cumulative credits?

If you are calculating your semester GPA, then leave your cumulative credits blank.

If you want your cumulative GPA then enter the total SUNY Brockport GPA hours from the bottom of your transcript.

What is a repeated course?

A repeated course is a course you have taken more than once, perhaps to get a better grade. What is very nice about repeating a course is the last grade you receive replaces the first. The last grade is factored into your GPA.

What does this column do?

The Repeat column is used to tell the GPA calculator that you have repeated a course.

How do I tell the GPA calculator that I repeated a course?

Click on the checkbox in the course's row. Then type in the grade you received the first time you took the course in the textbox next to it on the right.

What is a cumulative GPA?

A cumulative grade point average is the grade point average (GPA) of all of the courses you have taken at SUNY Brockport.

So what is it? A letter or a number?

A cumulative GPA as with any GPA is a number that is usually rounded off to one or two decimal places. For more help, go to the Help Key

Where do I get my cumulative GPA?

You can access your Academic Transcript thrugh the Student Information System. For purposes of calculating a GPA, your cumulative GPA is your Total SUNY Brockport GPA.

Where can I get advice to do well at SUNY Brockport?

SUNY Brockport provides many services for students who wish to do well. Take a look at the Academic Support Services website for a listing of services that the college offers.

I need help in a class. What can I do?

Academic Success Center Tutoring offers tutoring services for students for several subjects. It is located the Albert W. Brown Building.

Last Updated 7/23/21