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The Second Year Experience program aims to provide resources for students in their second undergraduate year — from developing skills for academic success, to gaining professional expertise.

Second Year Success List

Check off items on this to-do list, as you journey into and out of your second year. Fellow Golden Eagles who have been where you are now, have shared their suggestions on what makes Brockport so unique with this list. 

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Events & Workshops

Your Second year is the time to focus your involvement on experiences that test your interests, skills, and passions. Whether that is working on campus or in the community, a research opportunity, or leadership program. These experiences may help you figure out what you want to do, create lifelong relationships, and develop your strengths.

Your second year is a time to embrace all of the opportunities that are unique to your experience here Brockport. The second year is the time to set new goals, find your niche, and immerse yourself in the Brockport experience. Whether you have your path mapped out or you are still exploring your interests, your sophomore year marks the point in your academic career where you are in the driver’s seat.

For Faculty & Staff 

The Second Year Experience Advisory Committee, is a small working group comprised of faculty and staff members from across the college. This group provides a place to learn about best practices, helps in identifies university-wide concerns, and creates targeted initiatives to improve the retention of and opportunities for second-year students. Contact Heather DiFino for more information.

For Families       

A students second year is both an exciting and challenging time as many have left behind the first year jitters, but may not have found their rhythm at Brockport. At this point students have a better sense of what college is about, and it is sophomore year when students typically feel they can take more ownership in creating their own experience.

It may also be a time when students experience the “sophomore slump”. After the excitement of the first year has worn off, the reality, routine, and pressures of college set in. Students may feel anxious about major and career decisions, struggle with motivation, multitasking or a feeling of belonging.

So what can you do? Stay positive, let your student know that this is a normal feeling/experience for many students navigating their college journey. Just knowing they are not alone may help.

  • Refer them to the Second Year Experience Coordinator who is available as a resource and advocate for your student.
  • Encourage your student to seek out campus resources or supports that may help them make progress on their academic journey including the Academic Success Center, Career Services or their Advisor. Talking with someone who can offer assistance, guidance and answers can help them work through their struggles.
  • Offer suggestions on ways to get involved on campus. Being active and meeting new people can help get students back on track. Have them look at all the events and activities Brockport has to offer, there is something for everyone!
  • Most importantly, listen. Your student is developing their own voice and sense of life purpose and sometimes just need a supportive outlet!

More Information for Families

Last Updated 8/30/19

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