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The Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education offers a 45 credit sport management major to prepare students for careers in profit and non-profit sport, recreation and fitness organizations. Sport Management at The College at Brockport is one of the oldest undergraduate programs in the world, having been initiated in 1972. The curriculum provides a thorough foundation of sport management and studies theory, coupled with an extensive array of practical, real-world experiences through various field experiences (practica), research and problem solving opportunities, as well as a full semester long internship in the real world.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student in good academic standing at the College at Brockport is eligible for admission into the sport management major.

Program Requirements

Students in the sport management major pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete the corresponding degree's requirements.

All students who major in sport management must also complete a second program of study in a different discipline at The College at Brockport, i.e., another major, minor, concentration, or a semester studying abroad full-time.

Required Core Courses (36 credits)

  • PEP 360 Modern Day Sport Management
  • PEP 460 Administrative Practices in Sport Management
  • PEP 461 Problems in Sport Management
  • PEP 351 Coaching Sports
  • PEP 353 Administration of Intramurals
  • PEP 355 Sport Marketing, Promotions, Public Relation & Publicity
  • PES 441 Sport and Society
  • PES 460 Ethics in Sports Contests
  • PEP 468 Internship in Sport Management

Electives (9 credits)

  • Choose TWO classes outside of department by advisement
    • Normally classes completed from the second program of study requirement will fulfill this “two classes outside the department” requirement.

    Total Number of Credits: 45

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