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Graduate Courses

FRN 550 Topics in French Studies (A)

Closely studies a specific topic in French/Francophone language, civilization or literature. The topic selected for analysis may be from a historical or contemporary perspective and gives the opportunity to examine a particular aspect of French/Francophone studies in great depth. Requires practice in oral and written French at the advanced level. 3 Cr.

FRN 551 Doing Business in French (A)

Designed to help students to communicate in a French business environment by increasing their knowledge of French geography and economics, by helping them acquire the vocabulary and syntactical structures related to business, and by making students more aware of cultural differences in the conduct of business between the US and France. Emphasizes the reinforcement of oral and written skills. 3 Cr.

FRN 553 French Female Gaze: Women Writers and Filmmakers (A)

Through an exploration of texts and films authored by women, introduces students to a range of leading contemporary French-speaking writers and directors. Students examine recurrent themes and forms in recent women’s writing and filmmaking, including the representation of identity; the concept of origins; the intersection of class, race and gender; sexual repression and/or liberation; and the textual and cinematic strategies underpinning these considerations. 3 Cr.

FRN 554 French Literature I: Texts and Context (A)

Examines texts by major authors from the Middle Ages to the Revolution. Emphasizes close readings of the texts (including prose, poetry and theatre) with the purpose of developing critical vocabulary and writing skills. Uses French history to provide the backdrop to help students understand the social forces at play in the periods under study. 3 Cr.

FRN 556 Francophone Cultures in Africa (A)

Offers an array of short stories, poems, novels or plays written by authors from Africa, North America or the Caribbean. Papers and discussions focus on cultural themes and issues related to the political and literary history of the francophone world. 3 Cr.

FRN 557 French Thought in Social Contexts (A)

A collage of literature, philosophy and history to give students a broad perspective of the major intellectual currents in their social context. Uses readings selected from early periods to the 19th century. 3 Cr.

FRN 558 Romanticism to Existentialism: French Literary Movements (A)

Prerequisites: FRN 350, 351, 352 OR 355.

Examines texts by major authors from the Napoleonic era to the recent past. Emphasis is placed on close reading of the texts (including prose, poetry, and theatre) with the purpose of expanding vocabulary and improving writing skills. The course is also designed to acquaint students with the social circumstances that determined the aesthetic movements that marked the period: romanticism, realism, symbolism, surrealism, and existentialism. 3 Cr.

FRN 599 Independent Study in French (A)

Arranged in consultation with the instructor-sponsor prior to registration. 1-3 Cr. Every Semester.

FRN 699 Independent Study in French (A)

Graduate status and appropriate background in French. Provides an in-depth study on a given topic arranged in consultation with the instructor-sponsor prior to registration. 1-3 Cr. Every Semester.