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Graduate Courses

SOC 510 Capstone Research Seminar (A)

Prerequisites: SOC300&310.

Leads students to integrate their social-science knowledge and apply it to the process of designing andexecuting an original data collection and analysis project in the quantitative and/or qualitative traditions, as determined by the instructor. Also focuses on connecting social research skills and social science insights to various career fields and professional roles therein. 3 Cr. Spring.

SOC 512 Sociology of Education (A)

Prerequisite: SOC 100 or instructor's permission.

Examines education as a social institution and its relationship to other social institutions. Explores schools as organizations in terms of structure and functions; compares schools within and across cultures; looks at inequality within education; and considers the role schools play in social change. 3 Cr.

SOC 599 Independent Study in Sociology (A)

Explores various theoretical perspectives on a social phenomenon or sub-area of sociology not covered by other registered courses. Arranged in consultation with the instructor. 1-6 Cr.

SOC 690 Strategic Organization and Management (B)

Presents an in-depth introduction to strategic planning, management, and organization processes. Stresses both theoretical underpinnings and applications of strategic planning and organization. Covers topics such as analysis of organizations’ mission, vision, and values, industry analysis, competitive analysis, strategic execution, international strategy, organizational structure and design. Provides theories and tools for students to integrate and apply multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to understand strategic planning and organization design and to enrich their appreciation for managerial decision-making. Throughout the course, real-world case analysis is applied to develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. A global perspective is also taken and both the readings and the class discussions will focus on international as well as U.S. issues. 3 Cr. Spring.