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Graduate Courses

REL 502 Current Leisure Problems and Issues (A)

Identifies and analyzes current leisure trends, problems and issues that affect both the therapeutic and managerial segments of the leisure services profession. Focuses on the concerns of the present and their implications for the future delivery of leisure and therapeutic recreation programs services and treatments. 3 Cr.

REL 506 Leisure and Aging (A)

Examines various aspects of aging as they relate to leisure in contemporary society, leisure needs of mature adults, services for the elderly and leisure pursuits in the subculture of aging. 3 Cr.

REL 507 Methods in Therapeutic Recreation (B)

Covers applications of the therapeutic recreation process (assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating) to planning comprehensive therapeutic programs in health and human-service settings. Focuses on clinical documentation and professional accountability. Requires field work. 3 Cr.

REL 512 Trends and Administrative Issues in Therapeutic Recreation (B)

Investigates how current trends and administrative issues affect the delivery and advocacy of therapeutic recreation services. Emphasizes contemporary approaches to managing changes in practice in the emerging profession of therapeutic recreation. 3 Cr.

REL 514 Planning, Design and Management of Recreation Facilities (B)

Applies a student's prior knowledge of recreation and leisure theory, philosophy and programming techniques to out- door/indoor facility planning, design and maintenance. Provides planning skills, discussion of design issues and maintenance management techniques. Emphasizes universal access. 3 Cr.

REL 600 Philosophical Analysis of Leisure (B)

Explores conceptual and philosophical foundations of leisure from the classical to the contemporary perspectives. Provides an in-depth study of selected authors and models describing the leisure phenomenon. 3 Cr.

REL 602 Executive Processes in Leisure Services (B)

This course examines the financial and marketing management processes that are essential in leisure services. Special concern is given to understanding politics, planning, practice, and analysis of financial management. Fundamental marketing principles that relate to leisure services are examined at the executive level. 3 Cr. Fall.

REL 605 Administration and Management in Leisure Services (B)

Reviews and discusses theories, problems and issues common to the organization and administration of leisure service delivery systems. Covers the development of organizational and administrative skills needed to address such concerns. 3 Cr. Fall.

REL 610 Comprehensive Program Planning (B)

Provides an overview of conceptual bases for program design in the provision of recreation and leisure services. Reviews and discusses selected planning, marketing and evaluation techniques and methods. 3 Cr. Spring.

REL 612 Assessment and Evaluation of Therapeutic Recreation Services (B)

Examines current assessment and evaluation instruments and procedures used in TR. Studies in depth the validity, reliability and practical utility issues in conceptualization, data collection methods, analysis and interpretation in the assessment and evaluation of persons with disabilities. 3 Cr.

REL 613 Administration of Therapeutic Recreation Services (B)

Reviews and discusses organizational and administrative theories, problems, and issues common and unique to the delivery of TR services, particularly in clinical, but also in transitional and community settings. Develops an understanding of techniques and skills used by administrators to address problems and issues. 3 Cr.

REL 690 Selected Topics in Recreation and Leisure Studies (B)

Discusses and analyzes a specific topic in recreation and leisure studies as determined by the instructor. Emphasizes new, timely and emerging areas of interest and concern. 1-6 Cr.

REL 699 Independent Study in Recreation and Leisure (B)

Arranged with permission of instructor-sponsor prior to registration. Includes regular meetings with instructor, significant reading and at least one comprehensive writing project. 1-6 Cr. By Arrangement.

REL 715 Seminar: Research Design (B)

Provides an introduction and overview of established and emerging approaches to leisure research. Emphasizes conceptualization, design, data collection techniques and interpretation of results. 3 Cr.

REL 796 Internship in Administration (B)

Prerequisites: REL 600, REL 602, REL 610 and REL 715.

Provides a directed internship in an approved leisure-service organization and in a setting compatible with the student's professional direction. Entails the application of organizational, administrative and evaluative skills at the selected site. 3 Cr.

REL 797 Research Project (B)

Prerequisites REL 600, REL 602, REL 610 and REL 715 plus MTH 541 or MTH 441.

Allows for the preparation and completion of an individual research project culminating in a significant written report and an oral defense of the project and report. Is conducted under the supervision of a committee of at least two graduate faculty members, one of whom is the project chairperson. 3 Cr.

REL 798 Thesis (A)

(Prerequisites REL 600, REL 602 (may be taken concurrently), REL 610 (may be taken concurrently), REL 715 (may be taken concurrently)).

Allows for the preparation and completion of a substantial original research investigation culminating in a master's thesis and an oral defense of the investigation and thesis. Is completed under the direction of a committee of at least two graduate faculty members, one of whom is the thesis chairperson. 1-3 Cr.