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What is the organizational structure of the College?

The College is divided into four Divisions: Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, and Institutional Advancement. Heading each division is a Vice-President, who reports directly to President Macpherson. See the College at Brockport’s Organizational Chart for details.

How is the Division of Academic Affairs organized?

The Provost, who is also the Vice President of the Division of Academic Affairs, heads this Division. Academic departments are organized into three units, each headed by a dean and associate dean:

  1. School of the Arts & Sciences
  2. School of Education, Health, & Human Services
  3. School of Business Administration & Management
  4. Graduate Studies and Special Programs

Academic Affairs also oversees Library, Information, and Technology Services as well as programs for general education and international and experiential education. For more information, go to the academic affairs website.

What academic programs does The College at Brockport offer?

Brockport offers 49 undergraduate majors, 47 master’s degree programs, and 24 areas of teacher certification. More data can be found here.

What is the Brockport student body like?

Brockport has over 7,000 undergraduate students and just over 1,100 graduate students. Ninety percent of undergraduates are enrolled full-time. Almost all are from New York State, and most are from Central and Western New York, with many hailing from the Rochester and Buffalo areas. Just under 60 percent of undergraduates are women, and about 16 percent are 25 or older. About one-third of students live on campus (including 90 percent of freshmen), about one-third live off-campus but in town, and the remaining third commute to campus from Rochester or outlying towns. Overall, about 15 percent of Brockport students are members of minority groups.

Within the SUNY system, Brockport is “Tier 2” in terms of selectivity. That means that at least 60 percent of incoming freshmen have high school averages of 85 or higher and SAT scores of 1100 or higher. More statistics about the student body can be found here.

What’s BASC?

The Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation (BASC) is non-profit corporation contracted by The College at Brockport to provide and manage dining services, the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, catering services, laundry services, parking services, vending services and campus ID services to the College. With BASC, the campus can avoid cumbersome state government procedures to accomplish these routine economic transactions. Other transactions (for things like conference travel) are not part of BASC.

How does the General Education program work?

All Brockport undergraduates must complete the General Education requirements. Some requirements were put in place by the SUNY Board of Trustees (and thus are statewide) and some additional ones are Brockport-specific. The SUNY Gen Ed requirements cover composition, mathematics, non-western civilizations/diversity, foreign language, social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and natural sciences. Brockport-specific requirements include: contemporary issues; perspectives on gender; oral communication, information literacy, and critical thinking; and computer skills. Courses throughout the college have letter codes (shown in the catalog) that mark which Gen Ed requirement(s) they fulfill.

Students complete their Gen Ed requirements in one of three ways:

  • The traditional Gen Ed Program (selecting courses that together meet all requirements)
  • The Delta College Program
  • The Honors College

In addition to Gen Ed, all students complete at least one major and meet all the other requirements of their degree or certification program. For example, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has different requirements than the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but students in both fields must complete the same Gen Ed requirements.

What is the Delta College Program?

The Delta College program combines General Education with intellectual and career development. Delta students complete Gen Ed requirements through an integrated series of interdisciplinary courses. They also complete additional seminars in conjunction with multiple internships. Like all other students, Deltas complete a major and take elective courses throughout the college.

What is the Honors College Program?

Students with excellent academic records can participate in the Honors College with two consecutive tracks. In Track I, freshmen and sophomores fulfill Gen Ed requirements by enrolling in special Honors-only sections of selected courses. Upper-class students (including some transfers) complete Track II comprised of an Honors Contemporary Issues course, an Honors Colloquium and an Honors Thesis.

How does advising work at Brockport?

All students are assigned to a faculty member who serves as academic advisor. Students are assigned to a faculty member in their major department who helps ensure that they are making progress toward completing both degree and major requirements and toward future career goals. An invaluable tool is the DARS report (Degree Audit Reporting System) which lists all requirements and marks completed ones with “+” and remaining ones with “-“. Both students and faculty can access student DARS reports through Banner (the Campus Information System). To register for classes, students must have an Advisement Key Number (a six-digit code), to show that they have consulted with their advisor. Students and faculty with questions about academic policies or procedures can get help from the Academic Advisement Office (395-2711).

Where can I get information about promotion and tenure procedures?

Every department has an Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) document which details guidelines and procedures for tenure decisions. They’re all provided on the Academic Affairs website. Every department has an APT committee made up of senior professors. Newcomers should be sure to understand the timeline of promotion and tenure decisions; it can vary depending on one’s background. It’s best to talk to the chair of the APT committee in your department about procedures and criteria, because the APT document can read like impenetrable legalese.

How can I get assistance with developing my teaching?

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) offers many services and resources to help faculty. CELT sponsors regular “brown-bags” and workshops on teaching & learning topics as well as Faculty Learning Communities devoted to specific areas of faculty development. CELT also supports individual faculty through a lending library, individual consultation, and sponsorship to attend teaching conferences.

How can I get financial assistance with my scholarship and research?

Each full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty member has a scholarship and research support account that receives $750 annually that expires after two years. Faculty must submit a form for approval to use the funds before any expenses are incurred. More information can be found on the academic affairs website.

What is my Net ID and password?

Your NetID is what you will use to access most of Brockport's secure websites (email, Blackboard, File City). The NetID is automatically created when you accept your appointment at Brockport. It is typically your first initial followed by the first seven letters of your last name. For more information go to Brockport Net ID.

What is File City?

File City is personal electronic file storage space on campus. Students and faculty/staff currently affiliated with The College at Brockport all have an account set up. It is available on all lab computers on campus and via the Web at this location: File City

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based course management and collaboration portal. It helps instructors manage course materials and to communicate with their students. Blackboard can function both as a complement to traditional courses and as the main site for distance learning. Features of Blackboard include mailboxes, drop-boxes (for students to electronically submit work), announcements, online quizzes and surveys, an online gradebook, and other online content. Academic Systems & Integration Support and CELT collaborate to offer Blackboard Training sessions and walk-in hours.

What is Banner?

It’s also called the “Campus Information System.” Faculty use Banner to review course information (like scheduling and enrollment), access advisement information (like transcripts and DARS reports), and enter student grades. Students use Banner to register for classes and access their own records. Users log into banner with a Banner ID number and numeric password.

Who can help me with my technology needs?

Telephone: Call 395-5151 option 1 or fill out a form in Service Now

Technology Help: IT Help Desk, 395-5151 or their website.

Classroom Technology Help: Call ITS Help Desk, 395-5151, option 5

Website Help:

Blackboard: Service Now or call the ITS Help Desk 395-5151

Email information: Can be found on our LITS website.

Where can I get more details about policies and procedures?

The Faculty/Staff section of the Brockport website contains links to many important resources.

Our policies website hs information on all policies of the College.

Information about anything money or travel-related can be found on the website of Purchasing & Procurement. Your department secretary can help you with the needed forms.

Student policies (including academic policies) can be found here.

Last Updated 7/31/20

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