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Is Delta College a separate college?

The Delta College functions as a college within the College. We are an academic unit that was chartered by SUNY to be a part of The College at Brockport. We offer an alternate route for fulfilling the College’s general education requirements.

Why have I never heard of Delta before?

Delta is one of a kind and only offered at Brockport. No other institution has an identical program.

Can I join Delta at any time?

Delta is open to incoming first-year students. Because we have our own curriculum, entry later than the first year becomes impractical. Upperclassmen have already completed many general education courses.

Is Delta a good fit for commuters?

Delta is the perfect fit for commuters as it provides a learning community and designated campus space where they can feel at home.

Do Delta College credits transfer to other colleges or universities?

Our credits transfer the same as any other credits from the College, but sometimes require a letter of explanation.

Are Delta College students isolated from the rest of the student body?

Our students are some of the most integrated students at the College. They major in every academic discipline, and many of them serve as leaders throughout campus.

Does Delta College provide a path to graduate school?

Yes, many Delta alumni have gone on to become lawyers, doctors, professors, and other esteemed professionals that need to attend graduate school for their career.

Does being in Delta College make studying abroad easier?

Delta courses are scheduled in such a way that students can easily block out a semester or two for study abroad.

Are Delta classes different?

They are smaller and emphasize cooperation and teamwork. They foster a deep sense of community and freedom of thought.

Last Updated 2/19/21