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EagleSUCCESS is an early alert communication tool that supports student success. It allows instructors to raise concerns, offer praise, or refer students to student support resources.

EagleSUCCESS helps you track your progress and enjoy your successes by assisting you in interacting with your instructors, as well as other resources on campus. 

Login to EagleSUCCESS

Getting started is easy. Access EagleSUCCESS via Blackboard and automatically begin connecting with current instructors, advisors, and campus services.

Raising a Flag

What happens when a flag is raised?

  1. Instructor raises a flag.
  2. Student & Academic Success Center are notified.
  3. Student gets resource and support options.
  4. Students connects with resources. Office can either comment on, or clear the flag.

However, it is important to note that EagleSUCCESS is NOT a reporting tool. Raising a flag simply lets the student know directly about concerns, OR praise for progress/attendance. Students are very responsive to kudos that let them know their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

The earlier an alert is raised, the better chance that potential success barriers are addressed. 

Questions? Contact:

Thomas Chew
Director of Academic Success Center
Phone: (585) 395-2311
Email: tchew@brockport.edu

Last Updated 7/6/21