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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has to participate in General Education Assessment? 

  • All instructors teaching general education courses
  • All departments that offer general education courses 

Are part-time faculty required to participate in general education assessment?

Yes, but every effort will be made to restrict the workload to data collection only. The full-time faculty on teams will create rubrics (if necessary) and write the report to minimize the time investment for part-time faculty. It is important to remember, however, that the input of all faculty teaching general education courses helps to make the assessment process meaningful and allows the college to work toward continuous improvement. The perspectives of part-time faculty are always welcome and are considered valuable to maintaining a high-quality general education program.

Where can I find the SLOs for the general education course I am teaching?

The SLO's for general education can be found here.

Where can I find rubrics/information for assessing the general education course I am teaching?

All faculty participating in assessment will attend an informational meeting during which they will receive the necessary materials, which are also available on the GEAC Blackboard page. The chair of the GEAC will enroll all participating faculty in Blackboard where they will have access to their general education area folder.

To whom do I submit the assessment data I have collected?

Faculty assessing the same general education SLOs work in teams. Team members collect data independently and then aggregate all data into one report. That report is uploaded to the GEAC Blackboard site in the appropriate area folder in February after the fall assessment cycle is complete.

Will general education assessment be used in tenure and promotion decisions?

General education assessment is intended to assess how well the general education program as a whole is meeting its goals not to evaluate individual instructors’ performance. Assessment results will never be used in personnel decisions.

Why can’t we just use course grades for assessment?

Final course grades do not provide enough specific information. More detailed, diagnostic information is required in order to determine what areas need improvement.

How often do I have to conduct general education assessment?

Assessment of student learning is an ongoing process. If, in a given semester, a course you are teaching incorporates a particular general education student learning outcome (SLO) designated to be assessed, that is when you would be responsible for collecting data.

How will I know about when my course and related SLO/s will be assessed?

The assessment schedule for general education is available in the Assessment Plan posted to this website and the schedule is also published in a brochure that is delivered to each department. The GEAC randomly selects courses to be assessed during each cycle according to the schedule. If your course is chosen, you will be notified by the Assistant Dean in the spring prior to the semester when you will conduct the assessment.

How should general education assessment data be reported?

Faculty teams meet to aggregate their data and write the assessment report. Forms and detailed procedures are posted to each general education area folder on Blackboard.

I am concerned that it will be easy for people to decipher the assessment results related to my course. Will assessment data be reported so that my course is not “named”?

Yes. Since all assessment data are pooled prior to being reported, it will not be possible to isolate results from any particular course.

I am new to assessment, is there someone I can contact to guide me?

You can begin your "assessment education" by consulting your department's assessment coordinator. For general education, the faculty team and GEAC will provide support and guidance. Keep an eye out also for workshops conducted by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT). The Office of Accountability and Assessment is also a resource if you have specific questions about an assessment-related initiative.

We conducted general education assessment differently at my previous place of employment. I think I may have some good ideas on how to further streamline the process here at The College at Brockport. What is the mechanism for me to suggest changes in the process?

All ideas for improving the General Education Assessment process are welcomed by the administration at the College at Brockport. The best way to propose changes is to participate in the assessment process because each faculty team has an opportunity to reflect on the process and suggest improvements with each cycle. You may also propose your ideas to any member of the GEAC at any time or discuss them with the Director of the Office of Accountability and Assessment or your school Deans.

Last Updated 5/26/21