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Shay Gauthier, Outstanding Undergraduate Student

The School of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award recognizes the School’s top scholar. To qualify, a student must be a senior who has earned a minimum 3.5 GPA, exhibited a strong master of understanding/ performance element in their discipline, and demonstrated a significant service element related directly to their department or program.

Christeen Abraham, Outstanding Graduate Student

The School of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student who has completed or is completing a program of study within the School of Arts and Sciences in the academic year of nomination. The nominee must have a minimum GPA of 3.85 and significant scholarly activity in their field of study.

Departmental Scholars

The Departmental Scholar Awards that follow are presented in recognition of outstanding achievement within the academic majors. Although award criteria differ among departments, faculty from each academic major nominate and select the Departmental Scholar based on performance in the classroom, scholarly activity outside the classroom, and commitment to the discipline and/or profession.

African and African American Studies

Nia Robertson

Earth Sciences: Water Resources

No recipient


Emily Russell


Angela Tarricone


Louis Chavez

Environmental Science and Ecology

Aubrey Franks

Arts for Children

Nicole Klein


Marissa Scharlau


Daniel Hodzic

International Studies

Meghan Martin


Olivia Brookmire

Journalism and Broadcasting

Shay Gauthier


Megan Palmowski


Mikhail Mikhaylov


Chad Rank

Modern Languages and Cultures

Heather White

Computer Information Systems

Zachary Haines


Nathan McKay

Computer Science

Michael Kowulich


Stella Van Ness

Criminal Justice

Paul Monachino

Political Science

Pablo Stein


Lucy Mundschau


Korrine Minster

Earth Sciences: Earth Sciences

Andrew Huffman


Sarah Tingley

Earth Sciences: Geology

Jennifer Setaro


 Julia Gullo

Earth Sciences: Meteorology

No recipient

Women and Gender Studies

Rachel Nax Gillett

Last Updated 4/22/21