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When is the application deadline? How long does it usually take to receive an admission decision?

SUNY Brockport operates on rolling admissions which means that we review applications as we receive them throughout the year. Once your application is complete with the required documents, it usually takes a couple of days to make the admissions decision.

What is the estimated cost for living in Brockport and how much should my financial statement show?

Your financial statement needs to indicate your sponsor has financial capacity to pay $31,041 which includes tuition, room and board, health insurance, books/supplies, and other school fees. We average your personal expenses each semester and it will be about $1,200. To see more detailed separation of estimated cost, check Tuition & Cost page.

What is an F-1 student visa?

A visa is a stamped or pasted confirmation made in the passport by an American consular or embassy official outside the U.S. It indicates that all requirements have been met for entry into the U.S. The number of entries allowed within a specified period is indicated on the visa stamp and can vary from country to country. A valid visa is essential for entering and re-entering the U.S. (except for Canadian citizens, in which case a passport is sufficient), but it does not determined the length of time you may remain in the U.S.

The F-1 student visa is the specific type of visa which is required for most international students to enter and study in the United State. To secure your F-1 visa, you will need to apply through a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Can international students work?

Yes, although shifts will be limited up to 20 hours per week and only on campus jobs are allowed for international students. Various part-time jobs are available on the SUNY Brockport campus. Check the career services website for more information.

Does Brockport offer transportation to shopping malls and/or grocery stores? How close is Brockport to downtown?

Yes, there is a shuttle to different grocery stores and malls through BSG on the weekends. The International Student Organization also has events to different grocery stores such as the Asian market in Rochester. The campus of SUNY Brockport is about a fifteen-minute walk from Main Street where restaurants and small boutiques are located.

Is there airport transportation? How do I get to Brockport at the beginning of the semester?

Yes, we have airport transportation available from Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) for international students, but dates are limited. Please check the International Student Orientation page under International Student Services (ISS) to check actual pick-up dates availability.

What are the dormitories like? What is the study environment like?

There are different types of room options at SUNY Brockport. There are 6-person suites, 4-person suites or a 2-person corridor style. Suite style means that you will share a room with one other person but will share a common room and bathroom with your suite mates while corridor style means that you share a room with one other person but share the bathroom with the other students in your hall.

The study environment at SUNY Brockport is diverse. Our library has multiple single-study rooms, group study rooms, open study spaces and computer labs. Other buildings such as Hartwell Hall, The Student Union, Dailey Hall, Smith Hall, The Fine Arts Building, and the SERC also have multiple computer labs equipped with both Windows and Macintosh computers available to all students. Each dormitory also has a lounge or open spaces for residents to utilize when studying.

What activities are there to do on campus?

There are a lot of clubs and organizations that you can get involved in. There are also many free sporting events that you can attend such as hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and football. The SERC, a newly renovated gymnasium facility also provides plenty of opportunities for physical activity. The SERC provides classes in yoga, dance exercises, indoor cycling and more. Please check Brockport Athletics page for more info.

There are also social and academic events weekly in SUNY Brockport. The Brockport Student Government (BSG) often holds events such as Late Night with Ellsworth events, midnight movies, hobby-oriented programs, concerts, guest speaker lectures, social issue awareness programs, and more. Shuttle buses for shopping spots are also provided by BSG. For academic activities, BSG often holds programs, but we also have an annual Scholar's Day as well as several events held by each department.

Last Updated 7/27/21