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Music Program Awards

The music program at The College at Brockport grants two awards annually to students of exceptional talent within the program.

The Pauline Haynes Music Award

The Pauline Haynes Music Award is a one-time award given to a Junior or Senior who has completed one year of study at the College. Recipients of the award should demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, exceptional talent and performance ability in voice, piano, or stringed instrument.

The Music Studies Service in Music Award

The Music Studies Service in Music award goes to a student for their outstanding contribution to the overall benefit of the music program at Brockport. Students receiving this award will have demonstrated their commitment to the music program in areas such as functioning as an ensemble officer, contributing to a music club, performing in multiple ensembles simultaneously, dedicating time to arranging/moving instruments, orchestrating/arranging scores, etc.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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