Physics Facilities

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Surface Science Lab

  • Ultra-High Vacuum system with deposition and in situ characterization abilities
  • Tube Furnace
  • Park Atomic Force Microscope (on a vibration isolation slab)
    • Various speed modes and cantilevers
    • Thermal and Conductive AFM Heads

Low Temperature Lab

  • All equipment in Faraday Cage and with clean power supply
  • 1 Quantum Design PPMS:
    • 9 T magnet with automatic ramping
    • Transport Measurement (Resistivity, Hall, magneto-resistivity)
    • Specific Heat (few mg sample)
    • No liquid N2 only liquid He needed (both liquids available)
  • 2 Glass Cryostats
  • 3 Stainless Steel by Janis (2K with high speed centralized pumping 0.1 Tor.)
    1 with Superconducting Magnet (10T) manual ramping
  • He3 System
  • Mini-Dilution with gas handling system
  • Pfeiffer Leak Detector
  • Digital Scopes & Multi-Meters
  • Multi-channel DAQ boards with LabView control, GPIB, or USB
  • Xpert Phillips X-ray Diffractometer

Machine shop

  • lathe
  • milling machine
  • band saw
  • drill press


  • 24-foot dome, and soon to be upgraded digital projector!


  • Collection of Dobsonians used for astronomy labs, and a permanently mounted Meade 10-inch reflector in a roll-off shed, used for undergraduate research and public outreach.

Last Updated 5/26/21