Institute for Poverty Studies and Economic Development (IPSED)

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IPSED helps community-based organizations, social service agencies, and businesses in the Finger Lakes region develop best practices, improve systems, and craft policies to create a growing economy and mitigate the impact of poverty on citizens and communities.

Community Collaborative Network

IPSED's Community Collaborative Network builds a diverse network of community members to serve as experts on how poverty manifests itself in communities throughout the Finger Lakes Region.

Community Data Hub

Mitigating the impacts of poverty means using data to solve problems in collaboration with community leaders. Discover local data that can help you see what is happening in our region and access data that can help you ask and answer difficult questions.

IPSED in the News

Stay informed and engaged with IPSED's capacity-building efforts within the community through our newsletter, social media, and media relations.

Last Updated 5/26/21