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Community Poverty Bill of Rights

In order to address poverty alleviation, we need our whole community and those living in poverty to have a vision for how to move towards financial sustainability and a living wage. To do that we have to understand how the system promotes someone's advancement out of poverty through employment, as well as the many barriers and systemic challenges that stand in the way. The living empowered framework you can read here shows the need for coordinated and sustained support over a period of years to ensure an individual and their family are building the mindset and capacity to thrive, which means reforming a system that requires people to chase money and programs that although well intended are not designed to support someone to recovery, stability, and long-term growth. Join us in understanding and adding your voice to the conversation, particularly by adding your voice to our Poverty Bill of Rights.

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Our Goals & Intent

Our intent of creating a Poverty Bill of Rights is threefold:

  1. Individuals and families living in poverty will feel empowered to set different expectations around the hope of rising out of poverty, gaining an effective tool to advocate for resources and change.
  2. Front line staff, public sector managers and business leaders will recognize a different call to serve children and families in poverty, joining community advocates in a framework of shared accountability and progress.
  3. A call to action will emerge that leverages state and local elected officials with more unified policy-making efforts focused on capacity-building and empowerment for individuals and communities.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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