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Implementing best practices means learning from others what works, understanding why it makes an impact in different communities, and how to work collaboratively to replicate success. IPSED's Community Collaborative Network (CCN) builds a diverse network of community members to serve as context experts for how poverty manifests itself in communities throughout the Finger Lakes Region.

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Our Initiatives

Benefits Project

The Benefits Project consists of a collective of community members with the goal to address issues within our community related to public benefits and why those who receive them are unable to get ahead financially as they increase their earned income.

Poverty Bill of Rights

Our Poverty Bill of Rights is meant to create a call to action for those in poverty and to empower community connectors across neighborhoods, schools, churches, and community spaces to work with local and state elected officials toward more unified policy-making focused on empowerment for individuals and communities.

Living Empowered

Living Empowered is an assets-based approach that recognizes individuals living in poverty already demonstrate high levels of self-sufficiency. It focuses system efforts on sustainable pathways plugged into long-term supports that keep a person's "battery charged" through each step toward financial security. 

Our Partners

  • Lydia Alston-Murphy, Alyssa Farruggia, and Abigail Wallace (MPA Graduate Students)
  • Andrew Brady (Conscious Capitalism ROC)
  • Lyanna Cooke and Lorraine Whitehouse (Community Members)
  • Denny DeLeo (Venture Jobs Foundation)
  • Nicole Gibbons (Urban League of Rochester)
  • Barb Glassman (G-Force Collaborations)
  • Jesse Knoth (South East Area Coalition)
  • Leslie Knox (Parent Leadership Training Institute)
  • Jenna Lawson, Andrea McClean, and Damiano Smith (Connected Communities)
  • Aubrey Marrero (Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning)
  • Stanley Martin and Ana Martinez (Center for Community Alternatives)
  • Brittany Rumph (Rochester Excellence Academy)
  • Tom Silva (Foodlink)
  • Aaron Wicks (Action for a Better Community)
  • Patricia Williams-McGahee (Innovative Insights)

Last Updated 10/27/20

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