The Pre-Law Program for History Majors

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Why You Should

History majors rigorously develop the analytical, logical and critical thinking abilities and written and oral communication skills that law schools are seeking.

A law degree can open doors in a variety of careers, ranging from home-town family law to big-city corporate law to international law. Pressing issues of privacy, intellectual property, human and civil rights, and environmental sustainability are among the many that your generation of lawyers will tackle.

How You Can

The Pre-Law Program comprises 15 credits, which can be mostly completed via History major credits, and a legal internship. The Pre-Law advisor is Dr. Mark Chadsey, 395-2320, Hartwell 207B

Introduction to Law-Related Courses (1 course required)

  • PLS 320: Law and Legal Process
  • PLS 403: Intro to legal Studies
  • CRJ 305: Adjudication Process

Law-Related Courses (1 course required, more recommended)

  • HST 408: Landmark US Supreme Court Decisions (taught by Dr. Parker)
  • PLS 324: Constitutional Law I
  • PLS 320: Law and Legal Process
  • PLS 490: Moot Court Seminar
  • CRJ 305: Adjudication Process
  • CRJ 311: Criminal Law
  • CRJ 313: Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • CRJ 375: Forensic Law
  • CRJ 471: Research Methods
  • BUS 375: Business Law I
  • BUS 376: Business Law II

Liberal Arts Requirements (3 courses required)

The Pre-Law pamphlet lists courses in English and Philosophy that fulfill these requirements, but the following History courses will as well:

  • HST 201: Ancient World
  • HST 202: Modern World
  • HST 211: Early America
  • HST 211: Modern America
  • HST 390: Research Methods

Any 400-level class will count, but you may be particularly interested in:

  • HST408: Landmark US Supreme Court Decisions
  • HST442: War and Terrorism in the World
  • HST472: Jihad

Legal Internship

By experiencing the workings of a real legal practice, Pre-Law students can earn credits toward graduation, although not toward the History major.

Last Updated 5/26/21