Professional Education Unit (PEU) Faculty

Faculty member teaching liberal studies

Education professional candidates are The College at Brockport students enrolled in a Brockport education professional preparation program.

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The education professional candidate is the focus of the professional work of the Professional Education Unit (PEU) faculty. Brockport’s faculty are essential to the development of high quality teachers, counselors, and school leaders.

As described and defined in the Professional Education Unit-Conceptual Framework (PEU-CF), the PEU faculty’s approach to the preparation of education professionals is “guided and grounded in social constructivism” with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective teacher, counselor, or school leader both individually and socially constructed (PEU-CF, pg. 2).

Therefore, the faculty are committed to modeling best professional practices in teaching, scholarship, service, and professional development in order to prepare education professionals that are able to optimize student learning in our schools through their teaching, counseling, and leading.

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Last Updated 5/7/19

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