Global Assessment of Candidate Performance

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The Global Assessment of Candidate Performance (GACP) is a measurement of knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions of teacher candidates in initial-level programs. The GACP is administered at the end of each student teaching placement. Each teacher candidate is assessed by their school-based teacher educator (SBTE) and college supervisor using the GACP’s rubric on the following criteria:

  • The teacher candidate understands the concepts of the discipline
  • The teacher candidate develops appropriate instructional plans, including learning goals and objectives
  • The teacher candidate uses instructional strategies that deepens learner understanding of content, and builds skills to apply knowledge in meaningful ways
  • The teacher candidate uses technology to enhance student learning
  • The teacher candidate manages the classroom
  • The teacher candidate implements appropriate assessments to measure student learning
  • The teacher candidate uses assessment data
  • The teacher candidate reflects on practice
  • The teacher candidate positively impacts P-12 learning
  • The teacher candidate builds a school-home connection
  • The teacher candidate exhibits a positive outlook
  • The teacher candidate exhibits respect towards others
  • The teacher candidate exhibits intellectual integrity
  • The teacher candidate exhibits dedication
  • The teacher candidate exhibits self-awareness
  • The teacher candidate exhibits professionalism

College supervisors use the assessment results, along with the discipline-specific student teaching evaluation and their own observations, to decide whether a candidate has the skills necessary to teach at program completion, and pass the student teaching experience.


Overall, the results from the final student teaching evaluation indicate that Brockport candidates are prepared to teach at the end of their student teaching experience. The criteria that Brockport candidates could improve upon the most is their ability to build a school-home connection, with 96% of student teachers receiving a “meeting expectations” or “exceeding expectations” rating within the past two years (2020-2021, 2021-2022). On almost all other GACP rubric criteria, 99-100% of candidates received “meeting expectations” or “exceeding expectations” ratings.

Last Updated 7/21/22