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About the Board

The Dean's Advisory Board is a unique leadership forum dedicated to helping make the School of Business and Management a premier business school. Through its visionary guidance, the Board is committed to ensuring that the School's curriculum, programs, and activities relate to the most current business trends. The Dean’s Advisory Board is a group of committed alumni and friends who promote excellence in the School and College. Members serve as advocates and advisors in support of the College’s students, faculty, staff, and administration and work at all times in collaboration with its leadership.

The Dean’s Advisory Board achieves its mission by:

  • Providing expertise, perspective, and strategic counsel to the dean. 
  • Remaining informed regarding trends, programs, and needs, both academic and administrative.
  • Advocating for and contributing to the School of Business and Management in support of its critical role as one of the academic cores of SUNY Brockport.
  • Engaging with other key stakeholders to show support for the School’s strategic plan, mission, and vision.
  • Being a strong and enthusiastic supporter and champion for School of Business and Management initiatives and programs.
  • Helping the School enhance its prestige and strengthen industry, government, and local community relationships.
  • Being engaged and aiding in fundraising activities and goals.

Members of the Deans Advisory Board are expected to engage in several activities critical to the success of both the Dean’s Advisory Board and SUNY Brockport. These activities include attending board meetings, financially supporting the college, contributing to strategic plan development/implementation, and providing strategic introductions for the dean and College administrators that help the school grow. Board members’ visionary leadership and generous contributions provide the support needed to build and sustain educational excellence in the School of Business and Management.

Last Updated 4/19/22