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Academic advisement is an interchange between the advisor and advisee to help plan an academic program; considering a student’s career goals, co-curricular activities and life goals.

Advisement Process

All students within the School of Business are assigned to an advisor.

  1. 1st-semester Freshmen are assigned to an APS (Academic Planning Seminar) advisor.
  2. ALL other students (2nd-semester Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Transfer students) must complete the Major Declaration/Change Form. Then are assigned to a School of Business faculty advisor.
  3. Students will meet with their faculty advisor at least once a semester, to discuss registration for the following semester and to receive their Advisement Key Number.
  4. In the event a student cannot meet with their assigned faculty advisor, staff from the Center for Student Success can provide advisement.  

The advisor and advisee relationship can be a very beneficial experience, when approached correctly. See the advisor and advisee expectations page. As students learn to navigate their academic and career paths, advisors are available to discuss academic course planning, career options, study abroad and research projects.

Advisement Resources

Entrance Requirements

Sample 4-Year Plans

Policies & Procedures


Office of Advisement & Retention

Office of Registration & Records

Study Abroad

For assistance with course registration, declaring/changing your major/minor, or general inquiries regarding the School of Business, please contact:

Sarah Unger
Academic Advisement Coordinator
(585) 395-2776

Last Updated 11/13/20

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