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New Student Application

Before registering for classes, new students must complete and submit a New Student Application:

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New Brockport Students

This includes students:

  • Who have not registered for a course at SUNY Brockport within the past two years or have just graduated from the College
  • Are not matriculated at Brockport and have not registered for a course at SUNY Brockport within the past two years.

New students must complete a Graduate Application or Undergraduate Application prior to registering for classes. Once the completed form has been submitted and processed, a student record will be created for you, which will allow you to register for courses.

Students should check with their home schools to make certain that the courses they take at SUNY Brockport will transfer into their program of study at their home campus. Review course descriptions in our College Catalog.

Students who are not officially enrolled in a degree program are non-degree students. If you expect to earn a degree, you will have to matriculate, by which we mean you apply to formally declare your intention to pursue a degree upon admittance to SUNY Brockport. Matriculation has its advantages: Your degree requirements become fixed and you are assigned a faculty advisor in that degree program.

Please note that students registering as special sessions (non-degree) students are not eligible to receive financial aid during WinterSession ’22. To be eligible for financial aid, students must be matriculated at SUNY Brockport.

New students wishing to register for fall or spring classes must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Center for Graduate Studies to complete a non-degree application:

Student Checklist

After you register for classes, don't forget to do the following:

Last Updated 11/8/21