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Nancy Washer

(585) 395-5233
Office:  103C Tower Fine Arts


PhD, Louisiana State University


Nancy Washer is a Lecturer in the Department of Theatre and Music Studies, shared with Delta College at SUNY Brockport. Delta College is the unique alternative general education path at Brockport. Her sequence of degrees looks reasonable—B.S., M.S., and Ph.D—but the subjects are a little peculiar, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Soil Science and a doctorate in Music from Louisiana State University. Her research interests are the troubadours, twelfth and thirteenth century poet-composers in Occitan, and their descendants in modern Oc and Roll. She has performed in ensembles around the United States on the violin and the viola da gamba. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Viola da Gamba Society of America as the Membership Secretary. She performs regularly on violin with the Brockport College-Community Orchestra and occasionally with the Mean Tone Viol Consort on bass viola da gamba (they perform only occasionally).

Last Updated 7/23/21