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Math Tutoring Walk-In Hours

Albert W. Brown Building | Room 187

Days Time
Monday - Thursday 8 am - 9 pm
Friday 8 am - 5 pm

To view a list of our current Math tutors visit Math Tutors.

What does the math tutoring program do?

The math tutoring program is designed to assist Brockport students who need extra help with course work related to mathematics.  Students enrolled in math, statistics, science, or any other courses involving mathematics are welcome to drop in for math tutoring whenever questions or difficulties arise.  Math tutors are available to help students with a number of tasks, including preparing for exams and quizzes, overcoming homework-related difficulties, understanding particular problems or concepts, using math textbooks effectively, elaborating on proofs, clarifying class notes, and providing tips on how to study mathematics more effectively.  Additionally, math tutors will encourage students to make use of instructional videos, software, and printed materials as an additional means for improving math skills.

What will a math tutor do for me?

Math tutors will help students solve problems and understand concepts, but they will not do homework assignments for students, assist with take-home exams, or correct assignments. Students need to keep in mind that a math tutor is not a computer--which is to say that even the best math tutors will sometimes have difficulty with a given math problem.  Math tutors are not experts in all math-related fields but most of our generalist math tutors can help with most math courses and issues.  Students may need to seek assistance from those tutors who are most familiar with the course work in question, especially when working with more specialized or high-level math or computer-related tasks.  You may wish to check out our math tutors in order to find which tutors may be most fit to help you for a particular math course.  We have some math tutors who tutor specific math courses, exclusively.  To view these tutors and their schedules, you can visit our Specific Math Courses Tutoring page.

Can a math tutor help me with my statistics course?

Maybe. The College at Brockport offers courses in statistics across many different disciplines. This makes understanding your questions and unclarities difficult for many of the math tutors. Moreover, the emphasized approaches and software used vary from one statistics course to another. Some of the math tutors have a strong enough understanding of statistics to provide thorough assistance while other tutors may not have the expertise to help effectively. Thus, you are welcome to come to the Center and ask a math tutor for some help with statistics but you should check out our math tutors in order to find which math tutors can help with statistics and what hours these tutors hold. Additionally, you should check our Statistics Tutoring page as the Center also provides tutoring for the specific statistics classes across the different disciplines, e.g. SOC 200, PSH 202, ECN 204, HLS 488 and others.

Who are the math tutors?

All of our tutors are undergraduate and graduate math majors who are selected based upon recommendations by the Department of Mathematics faculty.  Tutors are hired based on academic excellence, math proficiency (i.e., have completed at least Calculus III), and a willingness to help others.  Department of Mathematics graduate assistants also work as math tutors.  Upon being hired, math tutors participate in a training seminar and, throughout the semester, are closely supervised.  Approximately 15 math tutors are available each semester.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. The math tutoring programming is offered on a drop-in basis. Students wishing to receive help in math courses or math related issues may drop by the Center whenever we are open and can receive assistance from a math tutor. The tables in the math lab are organized by course so that students may work with each other and so tutors may offer support to more than one student at a time. The math tutors are trained to do their best at giving all students equal attention. Math tutoring is our most greatly demanded programming and we encourage students to be patient and productive while waiting for assistance from a math tutor. For answers to any other questions about the math tutoring program, please contact the ASC Tutoring Director, Michael Dentino at (585) 395-2292.


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