Kelly Gaskin 2011

Women and Gender Studies

Kelly began the College at Brockport/Nazareth College collaborative masters in social work program, did a year and a half before transferring to University of Buffalo to begin her PhD in Global Gender Studies. In 2015, she was asked to join a CANAM program. At the end of 2016, she will have earned two masters degrees. She also is currently teaching at Brock University (St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada).

Additional Work and Activities

  • Needle Exchange at an agency that works with HIV positive individuals.
  • Group Coordinator and Individual Support at an inpatient rehabilitation program.
  • Honors and Awards
  • Harriet Whitney Award for Scholastic Excellence
I began the program because I was constantly unhappy and never understood why, until I took Amber Humphrey (who had the greatest impact on me than any other mentor type figure) and realized all of the oppression's and inequalities that were hurting me. Of course, at first I wanted to run screaming with my ears plugged, but eventually I saw hope in knowledge.Kelly Gaskin

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