Precautionary Quarantine Lifted

January 26, 2021

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Dear Brockport Community:

I am pleased to report that as of late this afternoon, we have lifted the building-wide precautionary quarantine of students who reside in Benedict and Dobson Halls. Please note: some students remain in quarantine pending the outcome of their individual test results.

The decision to implement this precautionary quarantine proved to be a prudent one. As of today, we have identified 14 known positive cases from residents who reside in Benedict Hall and 9 known positives from residents who reside in Dobson Hall. Further testing has resulted in dozens of additional positive pools. We expect to receive the PCR reflex test results from these pools this weekend and these individuals remain in quarantine.

All indications are that our recent uptick in cases has largely come from residential students in these two halls. Therefore, while we remain at Covid Alert Level Yellow, we have eased the restriction on in-person activities. This means that we have reinstituted the regular COVID maximum of 50 individuals (in approved spaces). In addition, Harrison Dining Hall will re-open beginning with brunch tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this pandemic. As always, please continue to wear your face coverings, wash your hands, and avoid large gatherings as part of our continued efforts to Protect the Nest.


President Macpherson

Last Updated 2/26/21