Instructional Contingency Plans; Faculty Survey

Provost: March 9, 2020

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Dear Brockport Colleagues:

I appreciate your support of our students in their academic endeavors while also dealing with the stress brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our management of the COVID-19 threat requires daily adjustments as information and circumstances evolve. To date, we have had no cases of COVID-19 in our community and we are closely following guidance from the CDC.

To help prepare for the possibility of suspending all face-to-face courses, I am asking all instructors to plan for how they would ensure the continuity of coursework and success of our students this spring. To help with the planning process we are asking each of you to take a brief survey to gather information about current instructional methods and course delivery formats.  While it is hoped we will not have to take this action, we want to ensure we have the support ready so all students may stay enrolled and continue their coursework this spring. Please see resources at the end of this email.

If you are teaching a course this semester please respond to this survey by Thursday, March 12 at noon:

This will not be the last update on the virus and contingency planning. Please be on the watch for communication from campus offices. If I can answer specific questions, please feel free to reach out to my office.

We realize that there is a lot to process and we will continue to provide the most accurate information possible. Please know how much I appreciate your continued efforts to support our students.

Katy Heyning, PhD
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

In order to facilitate the development of these academic continuity plans we provide the following information and resources. We are also working to provide additional campus-based support in the days ahead.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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