January 2021 Welcome Message

January 19, 2021

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Greetings Golden Eagles! 

We hope this email finds you well as we start 2021, and approach the spring semester. We are eager for your return to campus on February 8th, the start of the spring semester. We will also be joining SUNY institutions across New York State in offering an enhanced testing program that will allow us to safely resume in-person instruction on February 8, rather than delaying in person-instruction until March 1, as we had indicated in our previous plan. 

In addition to the required pre-arrival and arrival testing that is outlined below, 100% of our SUNY Brockport faculty, staff and students will participate in weekly pool testing throughout the spring semester. This pool testing, administered by SUNY Upstate, has been ranked the No. 1 saliva-based test by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for detecting the virus in its earliest stages. It was also cited by the FDA as being among the most sensitive tests, regardless of type, ranking No. 6 worldwide in detecting the virus. We are confident that this testing plan will ensure a safe semester for our college and our community.  

Updated Spring 2021 Calendar 

January 25: Daily Symptom Checking Starts for overall population 

February 1, 2, 3
: Students get tested for Covid-19 prior to arriving; submit results to MyHazen
  • February 1-2: Local student testing clinic on-campus for off-campus students
  • February 3: Local student testing clinic for residential students

January 29: Out-of-State Students* return to NYS for 10-day quarantine 

Various: Complete a mandatory 7-day precautionary quarantine prior to returning to the Brockport area and starting in-person classes on February 8th. 

February 6 & 7
: Residential Students Return. Arrival Testing of Residential Students. 

February 8: First Day of Classes, In-person (planning to be face to face);
Arrival Testing of Off-Campus Students Begins

*Out of State Students- see additional information and requirements here

Upon returning for spring 2021 on-campus activities, any student who will (1) live on campus, or (2) take at least one class on campus, or (3) utilize services on campus (e.g. library, gym, dining), or (4) work on campus, must comply with the following requirements:

Prior to Returning to Campus:  

Pre-Arrival Testing:

You must provide documentation of a negative Covid-19 test before you move back to the area, move into the residence halls, and before you start your courses.  If your test result is positive, do not return, follow quarantine and isolation requirements and call Hazen nursing staff at (585) 395-2414.

  • If you were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 3 months, you can present documentation of a positive diagnostic result for Covid-19 from the prior 3-month period. Upload your documentation to the MyHazen portal.
  • All other students must submit a negative Covid-19 test result dated Feb. 1-3. SUNY Brockport will host a free testing clinic to help accommodate this requirement but you can use a more local testing site if this is more convenient. The Brockport clinic is intended for those who are in the region and would like to take advantage of it. The clinic for off-campus students will take place Feb. 1-2. The clinic for residential students will take place Feb. 3. Please note that residential students CANNOT move into their campus housing until Feb. 6-7, so only choose this option if you can arrive on campus for the test and return to your home the same day. You can schedule an appointment to participate in the testing clinic. Students who do not live within driving distance, or who cannot come on these dates, will need to arrange for their own pre-arrival test. Other testing options are available on the Prior to Your Return resource page. 

Need assistance finding a test location? Search here

questions about pre-arrival testing should be directed to questions@brockport.edu

Instructions for submitting negative COVID-19 test results:   

  1. Sign onto the MyHazen portal   
  2. Select the Upload tab.
  3. Scroll down to: Documents available to be uploaded   
  4. From the drop down, select: Required Spring 2021 COVID-19 test results   
  5. Download your results (there are instructions on how to upload or fax files)   
  6. You may also fax your results to Hazen: (585) 395-2559  
  7. Contact Hazen staff if any questions: (585) 395-2414      

Arrival Testing:

  • The entire SUNY Brockport community will be pool tested each week during the spring semester, beginning upon arrival. Additional information about testing dates and appointments will be sent to your student email. On-campus testing is mandatory.
  • During the first week, while students await the results of their arrival test, students should limit movement to only essential locations like their classrooms, dining halls and their residence hall/off campus apartment.
  • Residential students will move back to residence halls and student townhomes on Saturday, February 6 & Sunday, February 7 based on an assigned date and time. Residential students will receive an email directly from Residential Life/Learning Communities with additional information, including their assigned date and time for required pool testing and residence hall arrival. Students will report directly to SERC for testing prior to going to their residence hall or student townhome. Guests are not permitted in the residence halls throughout the spring 2021 semester, including for move-in.

Additional things to expect this semester:

  • Dining will be take-out only until February 10, at which time in-person dining is anticipated to resume.
  • The fitness center will open February 10, along with socially distanced in-person activities.
  • Students should not travel to other campuses or out of the area.
  • Virtual programming will be available.
  • Students must wear face coverings at all times indoors, unless in their bedroom, even when maintaining social distancing.
  • Frequent handwashing and increased cleaning will occur.
  • All new students will receive 2 re-useable face coverings; returning students will receive 1 face covering.

Additional information will be forthcoming in the upcoming week. You are encouraged to visit the Bringing Brockport Back site often for updates and additional resources. Thank you for your flexibility and patience. Together, we can Protect the Nest and have another safe and successful semester.

Last Updated 2/15/21