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This webpage will continue to be updated with more information and resources as it is gathered. Please visit this webpage frequently for the most up-to-date information. 

Refer to the following information and resources to facilitate the development of academic continuity plans. We are working to provide additional campus-based support in the days ahead. Campus-wide communication will continue, so be sure to check your email.

Provost Communications

SUNY Communications

Request an appointment with an Instructional Designer

Week of March 16 - 20

See the schedule and register for Blackboard 101 & Consultations

How to Get Started Teaching Online

The majority of our teaching faculty are currently using Blackboard in their face-to-face courses. Others are using other online tools for information dissemination and their course activities.

Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming workshops in the coming weeks. We will be working closely with those who wish to begin utilizing online tools and need assistance.

Resources for Online Teaching During a Campus Closure

Our SUNY campuses have several resources available to assist

Virtual Labs and STEM Resources

Teaching Strategies

Blackboard Resources

Course Evaluation

As all of our face-to-face courses have moved to an online environment, so must IAS student surveys this semester. And because of the timing, and the time it takes to coordinate this process, the process will be simplified this semester.

The IAS system will launch through Blackboard during the last few weeks of the semester, and all students will be receiving the F form to complete. 

Faculty/Staff Support in the Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center will remain open virtually. The physical space is closed until further notice. Please reach out to any of the staff directly or email asc@brockport.edu for general help.

Student Accessibility Services

Virtual Accommodation FAQs

  • We are available to faculty via scheduled office visits phone, email, and our interactive website. 
  • Continue to collaborate with your students directly when implementing accommodations. If you believe that a student’s current accommodations require official adjustments to appropriately support them in the online learning environment, please contact the student directly and include SAS in your collaborative discussion.


  • In person tutoring has been canceled until further notice. Tutoring will shift to online/remote tutoring only. Check ASC's Tutoring website for specifics regarding online/remote tutoring.
  • As always, online tutoring is still available via STAR NY Sundays through Thursdays from 7pm-Midnight. To work with a tutor: click “request a tutor” and log in with your Brockport netID and password. 

Remote Advisement Support 

Faculty can utilize EagleSUCCESS to facilitate remote meetings with your students:

  • Online Scheduling – Use EagleSUCCESS to schedule and manage your meetings with students. 
  • Online Meeting Notes – Document the outcomes of your meetings and share them with the student, advisors and your peers.

If you would like to schedule training please contact eaglesuccess@brockport.edu. One-on-one training, department level training, and remote training are available. 

Last Updated 3/24/20

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