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  • All students attending SUNY Brockport in the Fall 2021 term and thereafter MUST be vaccinated for COVID-19 or have obtained an approved exemption by September 27.
  • Face coverings are required for all individuals while indoors and unvaccinated individuals when outdoors and unable to social distance.
  • Unvaccinated individuals are no longer required to participate in weekly surveillance testing.
  • Vaccinated individuals will continue be tested once per month.
  • We are now offering free rapid antigen testing to members of our campus community who are exhibiting COVID symptoms. Students who are experiencing symptoms should report to Brockway during testing hours. Employees who are experiencing symptoms should first contact Human Resources at hrcovid@brockport.edu for further instructions.
  • Failure to comply with SUNY Brockport's COVID-19 & vaccination policies could result in referral to Human Resources and/or Student Conduct, or unenrollment.

COVID-19 Vaccination 

Students must submit proof they have completed a full vaccine series (meaning that the student has received at least one dose of a single dose vaccine series or at least a second dose of a two-dose series) by September 27. This period does not include the two-week window after completion of the series needed for immunity. Upon expiration of this grace period, any student who has not shown that they have completed a full vaccine series or been granted an exemption will be unenrolled.

More information about the vaccination requirement and exemptions

Students should check to ensure that their vaccination record is filed in the MyHazen portal.

If not, please upload a copy of your vaccine card right away.

To check if your COVID Vaccine is on file with the health center:
  • Go to:  https://www.brockport.edu/bounce/medicat
  • Sign in using your NetID & password
  • Go to the “Immunizations” tab
    • From drop down, select “View History”
    • At the bottom click the green “Print” button
      • All vaccines will be displayed
  • If your COVID vaccines are on file and accurate, NO further action is needed. 
If your COVID vaccines are not on your immunization list:
  • Go to the “Upload” tab
  • From the drop down menu, select “COVID Vaccine Records” and “Select File”
  • Attach, then click “Upload”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the document

Employees are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Employees who wish to opt out of the weekly testing requirement may voluntarily provide proof of vaccination to the Office of Human Resources by visiting the fourth floor of the Allen Administration Building or emailing hrcovid@brockport.edu.

Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You
Learn More About COVID-19 Vaccines

Face Coverings and Social Distancing

Face Coverings

Effective August 5, 2021, we are temporarily requiring all individuals (students, employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status) to wear a face covering indoors while on campus. This includes at Brockport Downtown and the Visual Studies Workshop. 

Please note that fully vaccinated individuals may remove their face covering when alone in their office, or when seated at their workstation if it is at least six feet away from others, or when presenting to an audience and six feet away from others. Unvaccinated individuals will need to continue to mask at all times when indoors. Instructors are permitted to remove their face coverings while teaching provided they are able to remain at least six feet away from others.

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated: (1) two weeks after receiving the second dose in a two dose COVID-19 vaccine series or (2) two weeks after receiving a single dose COVID-19 vaccine.

Employees and students who are required to wear a face covering and are unable to do so due to a medical or other health condition may request a reasonable accommodation.  Employees should contact Human Resources.  Students should contact Student Accessibility Services. 

All first-year students and new employees will be issued 1 re-useable face covering upon arrival. Face coverings will be distributed to residents by Residential Life staff. They will be distributed to commuters during various Welcome Week events. Employees can pick up their face covering at the Conrad Welcome Center.

Social Distancing

Unvaccinated individuals are responsible for continuing to observe social distancing in indoor and crowded outdoor settings, where practicable, in accordance with state and CDC guidelines. 

Similar to wearing face coverings, some vaccinated individuals may be more comfortable in socially distanced settings. SUNY Brockport will provide some social distanced seating in event and common spaces.

Testing Requirements 

Pre-Arrival Testing

All students who are not fully vaccinated or have not provided proof of full vaccination are required to submit a negative COVID-19 test dated within five days of their first day of classes. Unvaccinated students who present proof of having COVID-19 within 90 days of their return to campus are exempt from the pre-arrival testing requirement.

Upload Negative COVID-19 Test Result

Arrival Testing

All students, regardless of vaccination status, must be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival this fall. More information, including testing hours, can be found at the link above. 

Weekly Surveillance Testing

Mandatory weekly testing is required for any person who has a physical presence on campus and who has not been fully vaccinated or who has not shown proof of vaccination.  Fully vaccinated students and employees (including auxiliary workers and vendors with a regular on-campus presence) will no longer have to participate in surveillence testing. 

We are now offering free rapid antigen testing to members of our campus community who are exhibiting COVID symptoms. Students who are experiencing symptoms should report to Brockway during testing hours. Employees who are experiencing symptoms should first contact Human Resources at hrcovid@brockport.edu for further instructions.

Any incidents of non-compliance will be handled through the Campus Code of Conduct for students and Human Resources for employees.

Daily Health Screening and Symptom Reporting

Students and employees are required to submit a one-time attestation upon arrival, which informs them of their responsibilities should they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

Student AttestationEmployee Attestation

Cleaning and Disinfection

High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected at least once per day. High traffic areas will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently. Individuals are encouraged to disinfect shared workstations between users. Disposable wipe stations will be provided in all instructional spaces. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the campus in high use areas.  

Request for PPE, Disinfectant and Sanitizer Refill

Quarantine and Isolation 

Residential students who are required to quarantine or isolate will receive directions on where this should take place. Benedict Hall has been reserved as quarantine and isolation space.

Off-campus students should quarantine/isolate as directed by the Monroe County Department of Public Health and should notify the Hazen Health Center immediately.

Employees should quarantine/isolate as directed by the Monroe County Department of Public Health and should notify Human Resources immediately.

Residential Life

All students must be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to access on-campus student housing unless they have an approved religious or medical exemption. Residential students are once again permitted to have guests in their residence halls and student townhomes. All guests must be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Residential Life Policies

Residential Life FAQs


We expect a full and vibrant fall semester, which includes a return of the SUNY Brockport traditions and events that we greatly missed last year. In situations where vaccination status of all individuals is unknown, some socially distanced seating will be made available.

All events must be registered in the Weekly Events Management system. Department meetings and trainings are not considered events. 

Indoor events consisting of more than 5,000 people must receive VP approval and follow appropriate New York Forward guidelines. For these large-scale events, hosts will be required to submit a safety plan outlining all the safety measures in place to ensure the State’s guidelines are being met.   

Catering & Dining

Following the recommendation of the Monroe County Department of Public Health, individuals are permitted to remove their masks while dining with others. They should immediately put their mask back on upon conclusion of their meal. Some social distanced seating will be offered in dining, event, and common spaces, when practicable. 

Catering will be permitted at events. Additional restrictions may be imposed at certain events or venues based on the nature of the event and local or campus conditions at the time of the event.

Visitor Policy

SUNY Brockport will permit visitors/guests on campus. All visitors are expected to follow all campus masking and distancing guidelines, which may change based on circumstances.  Campus hosts are responsible for informing visitors/guests of campus COVID-19 guidelines.   

All residential hall guests are expected to be fully vaccinated.  

Air Filtration Systems

SUNY Brockport is following all current guidelines regarding mechanical and ventilation systems to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. SUNY Brockport will continue to run air systems for longer durations, increase outdoor air ventilation, continue upgrading filtration, and make other adjustments as part of the larger mitigation effort.

The campus will assure filters are changed regularly, are properly installed and not damaged. There may be areas on the campus that may be warmer or colder than usual as a result of these changes. Individuals are asked to accept these minor inconveniences and dress appropriately, so that the whole community can benefit from these ventilation changes.

Thank you for Protecting the Nest!

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