Isolation & Quarantine Instructions

Instructions for students should they need to isolate and/or quarantine while the semester is in session.

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COVID-19 Isolation & Quarantine Information

Based on recommendations/requirements from the Monroe County Department of Public Health (MCDPH), students may be informed of the need to isolate or quarantine due to risk of illness or exposure from COVID-19.  This is necessary to prevent further transmission from ill and/or asymptomatic students to the campus community.


Isolation requires avoiding contact with other people due to current illness, typically for a period of 10 days since the start of symptoms. 


Quarantine requires avoiding contact with other people for 14 days in order to prevent transmission. Students are generally asymptomatic. Exposure occurs due to a recent contact with an infected individual. 

  • There are factors that may shorten or lengthen this duration and this will be determined in each individual case.
  • In all cases, these procedures are intended to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • For isolation or quarantine to be effective, students must comply with the period of time determined by the MCDPH and/or Hazen Health Center staff. 
  • Individuals who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 remain subject to quarantine restrictions as it remains unknown as to whether or not a vaccinated individual can still transmit the virus. 

Residential Students

Full guidance for quarantine & isolation requirements for Residential Students can be found here. 

Off Campus Students 

Off Campus students will be contacted and followed by MCDPH.

  • All students in isolation and quarantine will also be contacted by Hazen Health Center staff.
  • Isolation and quarantine are public health orders.  Students will receive official notification of both the start and end dates.  Students will receive official release orders from MCDPH and/or Hazen Health Center staff. 

Additional Information


Residential students will be re-located to Benedict Hall for the duration of their isolation/quarantine. Students may go home if parents/guardians agree. Off campus students will remain in their current residence or may return home.


No student with isolation or quarantine orders may take public transportation to travel home. Only private transportation is permitted.

While in isolation or quarantine students must remain in Benedict Hall, except for medical appointments or emergencies. 

General Safety Measures

  1. Wash hands frequently and at least daily wipe-down “high-touch” surfaces
  2. Take temperature daily.  Report a temperature over 100 or new symptoms.
  3. Wear a mask if any potential contact with other individuals. There should be no close contact with people (closer than a 6-foot distance between you and others), and non-essential visitors are not permitted.
  4. To retrieve meals or a package outside an isolation/quarantine room, first wash hands with soap and water for 30 seconds and wear a mask. 


  • If isolating on campus, meals will be provided by BASC, delivered to Benedict
  • If off campus, MCDPH will assist if any problems with needed services. 

Academic Concerns 

Hazen Student Health Services can notify professors to assist with academic concerns.

Need Assistance? 

Here are some important contacts to help provide any assistance required:

  • Monroe County Department of Public Health: (585) 753-2991
  • Hazen Student Health and Counseling Services (including after-hours): (585) 395-2414
  • University Police Department and : (585) 395-2222
  • Emergency Medical Services (if off-campus):  911
  • Residence Life and Learning Communities: (585) 395-2122 

Isolation & Quarantine FAQs 

Last Updated 7/30/21