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COVID-19 testing is essential to keeping our friends, family, and community safe.

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End of Semester Pool Testing Information

Our end of semester testing requirements are the following. Please plan accordingly:

  • The final week of our mandatory pool testing program is May 10-13. Pool testing will continue to be open from 10 am until 6:30 pm in SERC.
  • Testing will NOT be required during finals week (week of May 17).


SUNY Brockport will be testing 100% of campus each week.

Testing will be held every Monday – Thursday from 10:00am – 6:30pm in the SERC.

Reservations are required. Please reserve your spot no later than the Sunday (at midnight) prior to that testing week. NOTE: Students do NOT need to upload weekly results to MyHazen.

Make a Pool Testing Reservation

Residential Students

Students living in residence halls and townhomes will be assigned a day of the week (see below) when they will be tested. Residents are strongly encouraged to reserve an appointment at the same time as their suitemates. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of being in a precautionary quarantine status unrelated to the test results of your suitemates.  The assigned days are below:

All Residence Halls (except Eagle & Townhomes):

Mondays – Any Time Slot

Eagle & Townhomes:

Tuesdays – Any Time Slot

Off-Campus & Commuter Students

Off-campus and commuter students may schedule their testing appointment during any available time slot during the week. It is highly recommended that students reserve an appointment at the same time as their room or housemates (who are Brockport students). Doing so will reduce the likelihood of being in precautionary quarantine status unrelated to the test results of your room or housemates.  

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may sign up for any slot labeled “Faculty and Staff.” You may contact hrcovid@brockport.edu for any questions or exemptions.

Fully Remote Students, Faculty, and Staff Coming to Campus

Even though you may be fully remote, we understand that there may be other reasons why you might need to come to campus. Some examples may be:

  • You need to use campus facilities (i.e., library, gym, computer lab)
  • You have an in-person seminar/lab only a couple time during the semester
  • You are attending a meeting or event

If you come to campus, whatever the reason may be, you will need to pool test for that week. Please plan ahead and Reserve Your Spot, so that you can test on the day you come to campus.

Student Exemptions

Testing is required for all students who are physically present on campus at any time throughout the semester.

In certain cases, you may be exempt if:

1. You are currently 100% remote and will not be physically present on campus during the spring semester.

Note: if you need to visit campus for any reason, you will need to test during that week you come to campus (see above). 

Also, If you filled this out for fall semester, you will need to fill it out again for spring semester. 

100% Remote Exemption Request

2. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from being tested in a particular week, you may apply for a one-time exemption.

Note: If your class meets in an AB/ABC format that requires you to only come to campus on an every other week basis – you are still required to get tested EVERY WEEK.

Request a One-Time Exemption

3. You will submit your individual test results instead of pool testing.

Your test results must be dated during the week you are requesting this exemption.

Submit your Individual Test Results

4. You have tested positive for COVID in the past 12 weeks.

5. You are currently in quarantine or isolation.

If you have been instructed to quarantine from an outside sources you may complete this form

Faculty/Staff Exemptions

Faculty/Staff requesting an exemption should email hrcovid@brockport.eduwith any questions. Please note: the above exemption links are for STUDENTS ONLY.


If you are current faculty, staff, or a student and you are able to help, please go to the following link and register as soon as possible. We are asking all volunteers to register for two volunteer shifts per week, more if possible. This would be greatly appreciated as we strive to meet the 100% weekly testing of faculty, staff and students throughout the semester.

View Current Volunteer Shifts

COVID Testing Web App

All participants in the pool testing will need to be registered on SUNY Upstate’s web app. You will need to have this web app open on your phone (tablet, laptop, etc.) at the time of testing. Kiosks will be available for those who do not have access to a smartphone (this may take longer, depending on demand).

Pool Testing FAQs

For other pool testing related questions, email pooltesting@brockport.edu

Pool Testing Event Volunteer FAQs

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