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Prior to returning to campus for Fall, there are a number of preventative safety measures that will be required of students, living both on campus and off campus.

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Prior to Returning Checklist

Educate Yourself on New Policies/Procedures

Face Covering & Social Distancing Policy

This will be strictly enforced and result in referrals to Student Conduct for disciplinary action. We know you will be excited to reunite with your friends, and meet new friends, but do not host or attend large gatherings. Sanctions for violating SUNY Brockport policies and directives of college officials may include removal from campus housing and/or conduct suspension, as well as parent notification.

Code of Student Conduct

Failure to abide by the Code of Student Conduct, including new safety policies and state requirements, may jeopardize your ability to be a student at Brockport. 

Reporting a Concern

If and when you have concerns about social distancing and/or face covering that are unresolved, please submit those concerns via the online reporting form. Our goals is to use those concerns to improve your overall experience this semester.

For Residential Students:

Complete our Agreements 

Pre-Arrival Agreement

Read to understand your responsibilities for keeping our community safe. 

Protect the Nest Pledge


in-state students

You must complete a 7-day self-quarantine at your home prior to your arrival.

Out of state students*

You will receive a separate email with instructions on quarantine.

All students

Do not travel to states with increases in cases, identified by the New York State Governor’s Office. Agree to follow New York State requirements related to travel. If you travel to one of the designated states, you will need to quarantine at home for 14 days.

*NOTE: Less than 2% of all SUNY Brockport students are out of state. 

Daily Symptom Checker

Complete the Student Daily Symptom Checker starting 14 days prior to your arrival. This will be sent to you via text message every morning. Based upon your answers during this 14 day period, you may be required to have a Covid-19 test and provide the College with the results.

On-Campus Students ONLY:

Download our Apps

Download the following Apps to make sure you stay connected to our community:

Pack Essential Items

Full List of What to Pack

Ensure you have the following essential items for living on or off campus:

  • Cleaning supplies (CDC approved supplies can be found here)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face coverings
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Thermometer
  • On-campus only:
    • Personal refrigerator (not to exceed 5 cubic feet)
    • Microwave (not to exceed 700 watts)

Familiarize yourself with your Academic Schedule

This semester is unlike any others. Really take time to learn your academic schedule and prepare questions for your advisor.

Talk to your Roommates

Talk with your roommates (on campus and off campus) about:

  • Not having guests and visitors in your living space
  • How often you plan to be in contact with other people, if at all.
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Expectations and schedules for cleaning and disinfecting living spaces (CDC approved supplies can be found here)
  • How you will maintain social distancing within your living space
  • As restaurants and other public places open, what are your plans? Will you visit these places or will you take more time before venturing out?
  • How often do you plan to leave campus and what is your plan to take precautionary action before returning to your shared living space?
  • How will we approach a conversation and solution if someone in our living situation feels unsafe?
  • If one (or more) students in a living situation are required to isolate and/or quarantine, understanding that all person(s) who have had contact and live there will likely be required to isolate and/or quarantine also. This will require students to go home. 

Additional Helpful Information

Wegmans will host 5 daily flu shot clinics held September 14 – 18, 2020. Information will be posted. You will need your insurance information to receive the flu shot. You are strongly encouraged to get your flu shot before coming to campus.

All students will be provided with two re-usable face coverings, co-sponsored by BSG. Please bring additional face coverings to ensure you are able to comply with the college’s face covering  and social distancing policy. If you refuse to wear a face covering in class, you will be asked to leave and reported to Student Conduct.

Faculty are working quickly to adjust course schedules to accommodate our new COVID-19 guidelines. The course schedule should be finalized by July 17. At that point, if your schedule does not meet your needs, please reach out to your academic advisor and/or department chair to see if any accommodations can be made.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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