Returning to Laboratories/Workshops/Studios

Containing the spread of COVID-19 during SUNY Brockport's return to research and teaching is of the utmost importance to our community.

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As the SUNY Brockport community returns to campus, that means a return to research. The College is implementing safety measures to ensure we keep our community healthy during the transition.

Daily Symptom Checker

A daily health screening is required for all faculty, staff, and students.


Returning to Laboratories/Workshops/Studios Form

All individuals seeking to engage in research activities in laboratory, studio, workshop or off-site facilities, regardless of the source of funds, must complete this form and receive approval prior to conducting said activities



This website is intended to guide Principal Investigators or other personnel responsible for laboratory or studio space as they submit plans to resume research activities. Prevention of the spread of COVID-19 between individuals is of the utmost importance and implementing these measures for faculty, staff, and students as they return is an essential safety measure.

Minimizing/Reporting Exposure

In order for us to return to research, we need to ensure that we are not only reducing our chance for exposure to COVID-19, but we are following the correct protocol for reporting exposure to the virus.

Sanitizing Work Areas & Equipment

Cleaning and sanitizing work areas and equipment used during research is the collective responsibility of both housekeeping staff and users of the facility. Learn more about this process and how to properly clean and sanitize your work station.

Off-Campus Facilities & External Entities

Extra measures must be taken when research necessitates travel to an off-campus location or working with an external entity from the College.

Human Subject Research

In order to resume face-to-face research with human participants, all safety procedures set forth by the College should be strictly followed in order to promote a safe environment when conducting human subject research.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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