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New York State is in the middle of a re-opening plan. While our campus is still at a reduced density, authorized personnel are beginning to return to campus with each phase.

As more employees return to campus, you may have the need to invite people to campus for business-related reasons. 

If you have invited a visitor on campus for a one-time business-related reason/meeting, you are considered the Visit Coordinator and must abide by the following Visitor Protocol.

Visitor Protocol

  • Visitor(s) report to the drive-thru window of the Conrad Welcome Center (Building 125 on the Campus Map)
  • When arriving on campus, all visitors are required to wear an appropriate face mask or face covering. This face mask or face covering must be worn at all times during the visit.  If the visitor does not have a face mask or face covering, upon check-in at the Conrad Welcome Center, a face mask will be provided to the visitor(s)
  • Visitor(s) will provide the Welcome Center representative their name(s), the name of the individual they are meeting on campus, the location and time of their scheduled appointment.
  • Visitor(s) will complete and sign the Visitor COVID Screening Questionnaire (below). In the case of multiple visitors in a party (i.e. a prospective student and family member(s)), each individual must complete and sign the Visitor COVID Screening Questionnaire. Once all documentation is confirmed by Welcome Center staff, the visitor(s) will be provided with an adhesive “Visitor” pass that must be worn during their visit and only then can the visitor(s) proceed to their destination. There is no need to return the pass to the Welcome Center.

Visitor COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

Last Updated 2/15/21