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Dr. Eric Monier (Physics) awarded time on the Hubble Space Telescope

Dr. Monier and his collaborators from the University of Pittsburgh will be imaging an extremely energetic galaxy nearly two billion light years away.

Eric Monier (Professor and Chair, Physics), is a co-investigator with David Turnshek (PI) and Sandhya Rao of the University of Pittsburgh on a Hubble Space Telescope proposal awarded time during the upcoming Cycle 27 of operations. Their program, "Imaging the Size of a Quasar BALR with Synthesized HSTACS-SBC Narrow Passbands," will use the high-resolution Advanced Camera for Surveys in an effort to image the gas outflowing from a rare type of quasar.

Quasars have been studied since they were first identified in the 1960s, but many questions about them remain today. In a quasar, a galaxy’s worth of energy is emitted from a volume the size of our solar system, as gas spirals into a central ‘supermassive’ black hole. In a small fraction of quasars, light from the central source is absorbed by gas outflows traveling at up to 10 percent the speed of light. The proposed observations, never before attempted, will attempt to catch this gas in the act of escape and provide limits on models of quasar physics.


Eric Monier, emonier@brockport.edu

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