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Campus Videography and Photographic Services

College Communications has redeployed its resources in order to better serve the strategic interests of the College.

The Office of College Communications has expanded its videography capacity over the last several months in an effort to more effectively market the College (i.e. student recruitment initiatives) and to enhance the College’s ability to share its story with our key stakeholders in the digital age.

This investment has come in the form of human resources (the addition of a new Multimedia Producer position and morphing our former Manager of Photographic Services position into a new Videographer/Photographer position) and equipment (an Investment Fund for the Future grant).

We’re proud to share that this investment is already yielding positive results (see the links below). Work is already underway to begin featuring every academic program the College offers in a video that will be housed on each program’s website. This initiative, given our available resources, will take a number of years.

In order to accommodate this work, we’ve had to reduce the photographic services that we’ve historically been able to offer the campus. Our focus will be on photography projects that strongly enhance our student recruitment efforts and that support major college events. We will therefore have to turn down requests for photography at smaller department, school, and ceremonial events.

This change was made strategically to help Build a Better Brockport as we support the College’s strategic initiatives. Thank you for your support and understanding.



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