Faculty, Staff & Students Welcome to the Village of Brockport's 9/11 Vigil: The College at Brockport

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Faculty, Staff & Students Welcome to the Village of Brockport's 9/11 Vigil

September 11, 2019 8:30 am

The Village of Brockport's annual 9/11 vigil will take place this Wednesday, beginning at 8:30 am, and concluding with a closing ceremony at 7 pm. All events will take place by the 9/11 statue, at Capen Hose fire station, Main Street, Brockport.

The Brockport Volunteer Firefighter’s Association will be holding our annual 9/11 Vigil on Wednesday September 11, 2019. We have changed our format to take into account other local and regional ceremonies and activities, that have reduced our resources, as we try to attend these other equally important events.

8:30 am

Short opening ceremony

Flags lowered to half staff

8:47 am

Tolling of the bell 5-5-5-5

Day Long

Uniformed fire, EMS, police and military honor guard’s posted at the monument

6:30 pm

The Ring of Gold, circling the monument

Inviting all past and current chief officers from fire, EMS and law enforcement to participate

7 pm

Closing ceremonies

Flags returned to full staff

We cordially invite you to drop by at any time and participate in our CLOSING CEREMONY, as we bring together the community, our municipal officials, regional elected officials, and fire, EMS, police and military personnel to conclude a day of remembrance.

Event Organizer: Past Chief Timothy Rombaut


Julie Pruss: jpruss@brockport.edu or Timothy Rombaut: trombaut@rochester.rr.com, 313-6492

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